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312: Our Father

[Introduction: (unlike most episodes, this one did not contain a narrated introduction.)]

(A young Hiro(seated playing a videogame) and Kaito (standing holding a baby Claire), are outside on the Nakamura apartment rooftop in 1992 as Noah Bennet enters.)

Noah: (clears throught, Kaito turns to face him, Noah bows in respect. Present Hiro and Claire teleport into the apartment, and are observing them from inside a glass door.)

Claire: What did you do? What the hell is going on?

[Caption: Manhattan 16 years ago]

Noah: (in Japanese) We think she died in the fire.

Claire: Dad? (Hiro covers her mouth to be quiet.)

Kaito: (in Japanese) Once again. Not a request. (Kaito hands baby Claire to Noah.)

Claire: That baby's me. You're Hiro Nakamura aren't you?

Hiro: (in Japanese) Hiro Nakamura! Yes!

Claire: Peter told me about you. You're a time traveller, so you brought me back in time. Why did you bring me here?

Hiro: (in Japanese) I don't understand a word you're saying.

Claire: You don't speak English?

Hiro: (in Japanese) Less talking. More watching. (He turns her head looking back outside.)

(Noah holds Claire)

Kaito: (in Japanese) Don't get too close.

(Hiro notices young Hiro, and points him out to Claire.)

Claire: Is that you? Am I here for you?

Hiro: (in Japanese) Sorrry. I only had one semester English. All I know is...(in English) "Where is train station?"..."I must use toilet."..."one waffle please."

Kaito: (going inside, to young Hiro in Japanese) Hiro, come along.

Young Hiro: Momma.

Hiro: Momma?! (in Japanese) My mommy is here! I have to see her!

Claire: Wait, where are you going? Should I stay with me, or should I go with you? (Hiro doesn't understand and continues down the hall.) Hey, hey what am I supposed to do?

(They stop and see young Hiro and Ishi hug. Kaito speaks.)

Kaito: (in Japanese) Hiro, not so rough. Your mother is ill.

Ishi: (in Japanese) It's alright.

Kaito: (in Japanese) How are you?

Ishi: (She switches languages.) Our son can hear us, speak English.

Kaito: Are you feeling better?

Ishi: We must face the inevitable. I am dying. I think it will happen tonight. We must make arrangements for the catylst, before it is lost forever.

Claire: The Catalyst.

Hiro: Catalysto. What are they saying? I gate it when they speak in English.

Kaito: Are you sure? Nothing will ever be the same.

Ishi: You must think of the future Kaito.

Kaito: I will have Noah, return with the baby. She is the perfect candidate.

Ishi: I wanted to keep it in the family. (looks at young Hiro)

Kaito: Absolutely not! Our son couldn't possibly...(interupted)

Young Hiro: (in Japanese) Mommy! Look!

Ishi: Yes my Hiro?

Young Hiro: (in Japanese) A dove is sick.

Ishi: (to Kaito) This conversation isn't over yet. (Kaito exits room.) What is it Hiro?

Young Hiro: Will he die?

Ishi: Let's see. (they take the dove out of the cage, and she holds it, kisses it, and heals it) Yatta!

Hiro: My Mommy is a healer.

Hiro and Claire simultaneously in both languages: I know what I have to do! I think my mommy can heal my brain!...restore my memory so/I think I can stop the catylst before they put it in me! (both) I can be a hero! I don't understand what you're saying.

Claire: I have to have to follow my dad and protect that baby so they don't inject the catlyst into me. I'll meet you here tonight, stay out of trouble, OK? (she exits)

Hiro: OK?

Kaito: (walking up from being, doesn't see Claire) What are you doing here? You should be in the kitchen. My wife's been waiting for breakfast all morning. Aren't you the new chef?

Hiro: (bows yes)

Kaito: Hurry up then! She wants Tamagoyaki.

(scene change to Costa Verde Beach)

[Caption: Present Day, Costa Verde, California]

(Elle's cellphone rings, and Sylar open's it.)

Sylar: What?

Arthur: You were suppose to be here by now, where's Claire?

Sylar: Gone into thin air.

Arthur: What happened?

Sylar: Don't know, don't care, I'm not helping you anymore Arthur. I'm not helping anyone. I talked to Bennet, he told me everything. He told me you're not my father. I want the truth...

(Sylar looks at the Contact list, and sees the following entries:
Byron Bevington, Curtis Hovespian, and Daniel Buzzetti, Elizabeth Axelson, Gorden Hovey, Melvin Crum (617-555-0145), Penkala Burton (507-555-0164), Sparrow Redhouse (505-555-0125), and Sue Landers (714-555-0149))

Sylar: ...and I know exactly where I'm going to find it. (he settles on Sue Landers contact.) i've got a whole new list of people with abilities...it's going to be very useful.

Arthur: Don't do this...come see me...

Sylar: Don't worry, I will! Very soon. (hangs up and begins to pour lighter fluid on Elle's dead body.) Goodbye Elle. (He calls forth her ability of Electric manipulation to arc from his finger, igniting her body in flames.)

(Standard Heroes earthglobe/eclipse caption, Heroes created by Tim Kring)

[Caption: Primatech Facility]

(Angela, Peter and the Haitian are standing together in the room.)

Angela: (Sets a gun on the desk.) One shot to the back of the head, and it's done.

Peter: You want me to kill him?

Angela: Why do you think I sent you and your brother to find the Haitian? He makes Arthur vulnerable. And now that Nathan has switched his allegience, it's all up to you.

Haitian: Your father is far too powerful. He won't be contained.

Angela: If the tables were turned he would not hesitate to put a bullet in your brain...or Nathan's. Why do you think I poisoned him? The man I loved. Father of my children. He tried to kill your brother, and if you get in his way, he will destroy you.

Peter: You don't know that.

Angela: I know that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, by any means necessary no matter who gets hurt. There's no other way. (Peter takes the gun.)

(Scene changes)
[Caption: Pinehearst Company Fort Lee, New Jersey]

Tracy: (To Arthur) So DOD (Department of Defense) is onboard, right? We're all set. (Nathan walks in.)

Arthur: Well done Tracy. (turns) Nathan. Nice to see you.

Nathan: (to Tracy) What are you doing here?

Tracy: It's my job senator...Finding opportunities for you.

Arthur: Have you reconsidered my offer son?

Nathan: I agree with what you're trying to do. The world's a dangerous place and it's not getting any better. We need a leader. Somebody with vision. And that somebody isn't you.

Arthur: Is it you?

Nathan: I'm taking over Pinehearst. The complete program. I'll work out of my office, we can use my resources.

Arthur: Who do you think you're talking too? I made you.

Nathan: You wouldn't have gone to all this trouble to make me, if you didn't need me.

Tracy: You wanted a legitemate face for Pinehearst, a person with authority...Senator Nathan Petrelli.

Arthur: Alright Nathan. You win. Brief him on what we've done.

(Nathan and Tracy exist Arthur's office and are walking down a hallway.)

Tracy: You're angry.

Nathan: What do you expect? You went behind my back. You're supposed to be working for me.

Tracy: That's exactly what I was doing, I'm on your side Nathan. Your father sees the problems of this world: war, terrorism...he wants to make it a better place.

Nathan: You have no idea what my father is.

Tracy: I know he's crossed some lines, but he's a vision for the future, and you're in it as President of the United States. And that is where you belong Nathan, and I belong there with you. (Flint and Knox are shown observing their conversation.)

Tracy: (enters a room through a doubledoor) We'd like to call it intelligent design. Until now abilities have been random, given to good people and bad, whether they deserve them or not. When we perfect the formula, we get to choose who gets what power...and we've chosen the best...meet the future. (she points to the marine recruits, falling into formation, which include Rachel Mills, David Sullivan, Ryan Hanover, and Seargent Scott).

(...editor note: continuation of transcription to come soon)


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313: Dual

[Introduction: (Sylar Narrating) On the sixth day, God created man in His own image. Now it's up to us to figure it all out. Right, wrong, good, evil. In each of us is the capacity to decide what drives our actions. So what is it that makes some choose selflessness, the need to devote oneself to something greater; while others know only self interest, isolating themselves in a world of their own making? Some seek love even if unrequited, while others are driven by fear and betrayal. There are those who see their choices as dark proof of God's absence, while others follow a path of noble destiny. But in the end, good - evil, right or wrong, what we choose is never what we really need, for that is the ultimate cosmic joke, the real gift that God has left behind.]

(Nathan enters Arthur's office, seeing him dead on the floor, with Peter holding the pistol.)

Nathan: Aw, Peter...you did it.

Peter: I tried...it was Sylar.

Nathan: Sylar huh?

Peter: There was no other way for this to end, Nathan. That formula has to be destroyed.

Nathan: It's too late Pete. There's a dozen marines being injected right now. The formula works.

Peter: Look I know you think you're doing something good here, but you're not.

Nathan: You sure of that?

Peter: Following dad with the same plan? I'm gonna stop it.

Nathan: It's not dad's plan anymore, it's ours.

Peter: What are you talking about?

Nathan: The plan...it's ours. All of us. Making the world a better place. Don't tell me you're gonna try and get in the way of that.

Peter: You sound just like him.

Nathan: I know. I can't help but wonder how long it's going to be before it's me lying here. Remember last time what happened when you had a gun in your hand? I am going to finish what he started. (Peter raises the pistol on Nathan)

Peter: I'm not going to let you do that.

Nathan: Eventually you're going to have to choose a side. Now either you're with me...Pete...

Peter: (uncocks and lowers pistol) Sorry. (gives it to Nathan) You're wrong. (punches him unconscious across the jaw, retreives the pistol)

[Caption: Primatech]

Noah: (pulling out some guns) The formula is complete. (Enters a hallway with Meredith and Claire) Peter's gonna need help at Pinehearst. It's up to us to finish this. (they turn a corner and see several security guards dead. Angela joins them.)

Claire: Oh my god. (All the security doors begin to close and the lights go out)

Sylar: (on intercom from control room) Arthur Petrelli is dead. No need to go to Pinehearst now.

Claire: Sylar?

Sylar: Don't worry Claire. Peter couldn't do it, so I did. (laughs) Just like Mommie wanted. I know I repulse you...terrify you...you see me as a monster, and yet, you did this to me. And before the night is over, I' going to proove to you, one by one, that you're all monsters. Exactly like me.

Noah: I know where he has to be broadcasting from. (hands shotgun to Claire) Claire, you've got six shots, pump after each one...keep Angela safe at all costs.

Sylar: (over intercom) Think about it. Manipulative grandmother, neglectful father, a mother who abandons her own daughter, all villains really.

Noah: Meredith you're with me.

Angela: You really don't think you can stop Sylar?

Claire: Yeah, I do. Sylar's got my healing ability. There's a spot back here (motions to the back of her skull), jab something in and it cuts off my brain and shuts me down. (the four split up)

Sylar: (over intercom) Claire...you and I, we're more alike than any of them. We can't be damaged. I mean...except from a broken heart. And that's what parents give us, isn't it?

Claire: I'm nothing like you sick bastard.

Sylar: I'm going to enjoy prooving to you just how wrong you are.

(Noah and Meredith find another dead guard)

Sylar: You're not hunting me Noah, I'm hunting you.

[Caption: Deveaux Rooftop, 16 years ago]

Hiro: (hanging from flagpole) (Spoken Japanese with English captions) Pigeon. Help me. I lost the formula. I failed my father. I lost my destiny. And now I'm talking to a pigeon.

(scene-change - present day)
Ando: (looking at Isaac's sketchbook) Hiro's stuck in time. It's up to me to rescue him.

Matt: Hiro doesn't even have his abilities. How much trouble can he get into?

Daphne: Well, anything he does in the past could change the present, like if he died.

[Caption: Present day, Suresh's loft]

Matt: Mohinder...

Daphne: Wow, they really cleaned this place up.

Ando: Dr. Suresh? Where is he? You said he'd be here...we could get the formula.

Matt: No I said I thought he'd be here.

Ando: The only way to save Hiro, is for me to become a time-traveller. You can only read minds. She can only run fast.

Daphne: Really, really fast. If Suresh isn't here, he's probably in his lab.

Matt: At Pinehearst? Too dangerous.

Daphne: Someone has to get him.

Matt: No. (Daphne whizzes off anyway)

Ando: Whoah...she is really, really fast.

Matt: Yeah.

[Caption: Pinehearst Lab]

Mohinder: (speaking into a recorder) I've run out of time. The infection has spread to my lungs. By giving myself abilities, I've signed my death certificate. My hope is that by injecting myself with the formula, it'll be the cure (he picks up a vial, and starts to inject his arm).

Peter: (enters) Suresh, put it down. It's a weapon. I need to get rid of all of it.

Mohinder: My life depends on this. (Peter draws the pistol) Do you remember when we first met? When you tried to convince me that people with abilities actually existed?

Peter: You didn't believe me.

Mohinder: Exactly. Once I saw for myself, what it means to be special, powerful, I coveted what you had. So much so that I tried to recreate it.

Peter: So was it worth it? It's turned you into a monster.

Mohinder: That's why I need this formula. This inject...(A blurred Daphne rips through the room, taking the syringe from his hand) What did you do? (yelling at Peter) Where the hell is it? (Mohinder knocks Peter across a table, disarming him)

(Flint and Knox enter the room, grabs Mohinder, flaming with other hand)

Flint: It's time for a little payback Doc...You move, I burn your face off.

Peter: Stop...Stop!

Knox: Hold up...wanna trash this place? So do we. (Knox starts to knock over shelves)

Peter: Why would you help me?

Flint: They make this formula stuff...we ain't so special no more...

Mohinder: Look at who you're allying yourself with Peter, with your brother in charge, think about all the good we could do. (Peter flips a table)

Peter: Nathan's not in charge anymore.

(scene-change - Arthur's Office)

Scott: Sir (helping Nathan up)

Nathan: (getting up) How many marines have been injected?

Scott: Just me. When we returned from the lab, Ms Strauss became concerned.

Nathan: Peter...he's going to ruin everything. He's gotta be stopped.

Scott: Consider it done sir. (Starts to walk out the doorway, but turns back to speak) And I'll bring him to...

(Knox walks up behind Scott, and breaks his neck, killing him.)

Knox: I'm gonna wait until you're brother's gotten rid of all the formula.

Nathan: You're working for Peter?

Knox: Yeah...He's one of the good guys now.

(scene-change - Mohinder's loft)

Matt: (Daphne zooms back in) Hey...Did you find Suresh?

Daphne: Yeah. Took this (the serum vial) right out of his hands. One dose.

Ando: The formula. (swips it out of Daphne's hand)

Matt: No no. You guys realize how insane this is, right? Look, just because you want to become a time traveller, doesn't mean that is the ability you're going to get. Think about it. What if that thing makes you...glow in the dark, or grow a second head?

Daphne: Matt...You were always worried about what people thought about you, and now you can read minds. I wanted to run, look what happened.

Matt: OK, but it also turned Suresh into a freak.

Ando: Have you ever had faith in something, when everyone else said not to? (rolls up sleeve)

Matt: Yeah, I have.

Ando: (injects himself) Owww. (Falls to the floor)

(scene-change - Hiro 16 years ago climbing off Deveaux building flagpole)

Hiro: Yatta! (after righting himself on the pole, and leaning back against the building)

Hiro: Hello? (climbs back on roof, then enters the darkened apartment.)

Hiro: Are you alright, Hiro? (Spoken Japanese with English captions)

Young Hiro: (petting the pigeon) I miss my mommy, chef. Why are you so sad?

Hiro: My father gave me a simple task and I could not do it.

Young Hiro: My mom would say if you can fix it today, you won't have to worry about it tomorrow.

Hiro: Today. (gets an idea) Hiro, I need your help. Your father has a piece of paper with numbers and figures. I must find i.

Young Hiro: You're going to get me in trouble.

Hiro: Think about what your mother would say. Hiro, you can save tomorrow.

(Young Hiro stands and they bow to each other in mutual agreement)

(scene-change - Primatech)
Claire: (putting down a phone) It's dead.

Angela: It doesn't surprise you does it? He's put us all on lockdown. (Claire struggles with a barred window) You're only giving him what he wants. A child starved for attention throws a temper tantrum.

Claire: I'd like to give him a good spanking. (phone rings)

Sylar: (on phone) There is a way to stop this Claire. You wanna be a company agent, hunt down bad guys that means making hard choices just like you're daddy...and let's face it, you are just like your daddy. OK, I will allow dad, you, and bio-mom to walk out of here right now, alive, to live happily ever after, all you've got to do is take your shotgun, and hold it up to Angela's head, and pull the trigger. Ahh... Is she even worth protecting? She wanted to blow up New York City...murdered her husband, Oh, okay, tried. And most importantly, lied to me. Made me believe I had a mother and a family and took it all away. But if you're deadset on keeping her alive, you could always just give me daddy.

Claire: Why are you doing this?

Sylar: You should ask your dad sometime, about what he and Elle did to me. I coulda been a nobody, instead of the monster I became. And now Elle's dead, and very soon your father may be too...it's all your choice, or fault. All you gotta do is get rid of Angela.

Claire: You hurt him, and I swear I'll hunt you down and kill you.

Sylar: From cheerleader to stonecold killer, whose the monster now?

Claire: (She pumps the shotgun, and shoots the phone.) You are.

(scene change - Level 5 cells)

Meredith: Are you crazy?

Noah: (unlocking the cells, releasing Echo DeMille, Danny Pine, and Eric Doyle)

Meredith: Yeah but these guys wanna kill us as much as Sylar does.

Eric: Hello Meredith. I knew we would be together again...I just didn't think it would be so soon.

Noah: (pumps shotgun) Let's make this quick. Sylar's in the building. One of you guys brings me his head, you get your freedom.

Eric: And what's to keep us from escaping the second you turn around?

Noah: Sylar. We're all locked in here with him. Now get moving. (they split up, and Eric blows a kiss to Meredith as he departs)

Meredith: They don't stand a chance.

Noah: Think about it Meredith, what do you need to catch a shark?

Meredith: They're bait?

(scene change - Pinehearst lab)

Mohinder: You do know that the formula is highly combustable? (Peter continues trashing the lab)

Flint: So what, I can't be burned.

Mohinder: What about Peter? Are you willing to sacrifice him as well? These are your accomplices Peter. Thugs, killers, what does that make you? (Flint knees and throws Mohinder against the wall and he collapses to the floor)

Peter: You didn't have to do that.

Flint: Well now, this will go twice as fast. (trashes some more tables)

(scene change - Mohinder's loft)

Ando: Huh? (as Daphne pours water on his face to wake him up.) What...What happened? Do I have abilities?

Daphne: So far all we know is that you can pass out really well.

Ando: Was it all for nothing?

Matt: Give it a try, come on.

Ando: (shakes head, focuses) I am the master, of time and space.

Matt: That's good.

Ando: (blows, moves hands around like he's channeling power) I am the master, of time and space. (blows again) I am the master...

Daphne: (interupts) Do like Hiro does, when he scrunches his eyes together...

Ando: Right...good idea!

Matt: Yeah but scrunch gently, you don't wanna go back to the stone-age.

Ando: Gentle. Gentle scrunch. (he squints but nothing happens)

Matt: Maybe too gently.

Daphne: Kick it up a notch.

Ando: (Strains several times, with no results) We're never going to save Hiro. (Ando hits his hand on the table, and a pink spray errupts from his hand.) What was that?

Matt: I don't know, but that sure wasn't time travel.

(scene change - Primatech)

(Meredith is alone, and hears a noise, then sees Danny Pine's severed silver arm twitching on the ground. A small glass vial rolls down the hall to her, as she picks it up, she reads: "Adrenaline")

Sylar: (behind her) They say adrenaline can kickstart a dead heart. (He TKs her pistol away)

(Sylar's right arm abruptly jerks to the side, out of his control...as Eric Doyle walks around the corner, with fingers up, calling on his puppetry mastery ability to control Sylar).

Eric: Meredith's mine. (Lifting Sylar's left arm outward, then one leg up; showing his control over him.) Mine to love. (He walks up to her and smells her) Mine to kill.

Sylar: You really thing you...can control me? (there faces are shown back and forth, struggling to control one another as the ability use sound-effect volleys between them...ending in Eric's nose bleeding, and he collapses to the ground under the overwhelming power of Sylar's telekinesis reaking havoc inside Eric's brain.)

(Meredith picks up the pistol, and as she turns, Sylar injects the full vial of adrenaline into her heart.)

Sylar: I have one more thing to do.

(scene change - level 5)

Noah: (Seeing Echo DeMille's throat slit, turns to the next cell) What the hell? (He runs inside the cell to a flaming Meredith) What happened?

Meredith: Get away. (flame leaks out) Ow...Ow....(she tries to hold it in) I can't control my fire.

Noah: Sylar did this?

Meredith: Yes. He pumped me full of adrenaline. I can't hold it back, you gotta go. Ow...(flare)

Sylar: (Behind their backs, he switched the shutgun with a pistol, locked the door, and stands outside the glass.) It's bulletproof Noah, remember? At the rate she's going, you're going to need that one bullet I left you. (Meredith flares) It shouldn't be too hard for you...Hey, let me ask you one thing? When this is all over, and Meredith is dead from a bullet right between her eyes, what are you going to tell Claire? Your life or hers. You helped make me into what I am. I just wanted to return the favor. (Meredith flares again)

(scene change - Arthur's office)

Nathan: You know you've backed the wrong horse. Everyone roots for Peter, but in the end, he always ends up loosing.

Knox: Uh-huh. That's why you're up here, and he's down there winning.

Nathan: Define winning. All my brother ever does is disappoint the people who believe in him.

Knox: You really hate the guy?

Nathan: I feel sorry for him actually.

Knox: Then why are you so afraid? You worried he's going to stop you?

Nathan: I'm not afraid of anybody. (punches Knox across the face with a glass paperweight)

(Knox rebounds, and punches Nathan, and is about to punch him again, when he freezes, and shatters as Tracy grabs him from behind with her freezing ability.)

Tracy: Miss me?

(scene change - Mohinder's loft)

Ando: Wow. (arcing pink power from his hands)

Matt: Watch it. Watch it.

Daphne: Can you stop doing that?

Ando: No. I can't.

Daphne: Try.

Ando: I can't control it.

Matt: Calm down. (He touches Ando's arm while he is arcing and is deluged with massive amounts of people's thoughts). It's okay. It's over.

Daphne: What happened?

Matt: It was like an explosion in my head. I could hear every thought, from every person in the entire city.

Daphne: What did you do...(she grabs him as he arcs, and disappears)

Ando: I didn't do anyt...

Matt: Daphne?

(A duplicate of her appears across the room, overlooking the three of them. They are replaying the same even from a moment ago.)

Matt: It's okay. It's over.

Daphne: What happened?

Matt: It was like an explosion in my head. I could hear every thought, from every person in the entire city.

Daphne: What did you do...(she grabs him again as he arcs, and disappears...this time showing two Daphne's across the room)

Ando: I didn't do anyt...

Matt: Daphne? Daphne? (turns to the window) Where'd you just go?

Daphne: I don't know. I was out there, but I was watching myself in here. And you (Ando) were there, and you (Matt) were there. Matt, I think I traveled back in time.

Ando: Back in time?

(scene change - Level 5 cell)

Claire: (Sylar shows Meredith and Noah's predicament to Claire and Angela via a monitor) we have to save them.

Angela: He only showed us that because he wants us to go down there.

Claire: I don't care. (they head downstairs holding hands...as Claire let's go to open a door, and re-reaches for Angela's hand, it is replaced by Sylars.) Come on. Agghhh. (He removes her shotgun) What'd you do to Angela? (Sylar TKs her off the floor against a wall)

Sylar: You wouldn't bet before, so I had to up the stakes. Save daddy...or is it granny?

Claire: Let me go.

Sylar: Why are you even pretending? We both know you'll go after your dad. (He uses his truth power) Even after all the lies he's told you, how he's neglected you, what does that say about you Claire? That's the thing about the truth Claire, it stinks like a bitch. (He releases her, and she runs away.)

Claire: (Arriving at Meredith's cell) Dad.

Noah: Go to the keypad, enter code 29297.

Claire: Sylar ripped it out. There's got to be another way.

Meredith: I don't know how much longer I can hold on. (flares)

Noah: OK, Meredith. I need you to take as much heat as you can into your hands, and press your palms into the glass. (She heats the glass wall) OK good, now back away from the glass. Claire, you do the same, move fast.

Meredith: (Noah shoots the glass, all that happens is a crack) It didn't work.

Claire: Stay back both of you. (She jumps through the glass, pulls shards out of herself regenerating, and Noah leaves after Sylar.)

Meredith: Claire?

Claire: (to Meredith) Come with me?

Meredith: Just give me a minute. Go now. Stop Sylar.

Claire: I'm coming back for you.

(scene change - Arthur's office)

Tracy: I gotta get you out of here.

Nathan: I gotta stop Peter before he ruins everything.

Tracy: This situation is still deniable.

Nathan: Deniable? Are you kidding me?

Tracy: I can spin anything. But this is a disaster you cannot be associated with. Look documents of the formula is all we need. We find it, and we can start over. New game. Our rules.

Nathan: I can't run away Tracy.

Tracy: It's not running away, it's being a realist. That's why you hired me.

Nathan: Then you're fired. (Nathan leaves the office).

(scene-change - Mohinder's loft)

Daphne: I don't understand. How can I travel through time?

Matt: Because he zapped me, I was able to hear thoughts a thousand times louder, and because you zapped Daphne, she could travel a thousand times faster. Your power is like a supercharger.

Daphne: Wait, going faster wouldn't mean I could time travel, would it?

Matt: According to Einstein, yeah.

Ando: The space-time continuum.

Matt: The theory of relativity. If you can travel faster than the speed of light, you can move through time.

Daphne: How do you know so much about Einstein, Einstein?

Matt: I actually paid attention in high school. Mostly.

Ando: So if I can supercharge other people's powers, that means I have an ability! YATTA!

Daphne: You keep zapping me with supercharge and I keep running, maybe we can go back 16 years.

Matt: Whoa...wait, wait, wait. Come on. What if you can't control your speed? Or you end up in the Dark Ages? Or this guy runs out of joice?

Daphne: We'll be back before you know it. (She grasp's Ando's hand, and they disappear)

(scene-change - 16 years ago)

(Hiro and Young Hiro Take the formula paper out of Kaito's safe)

Kaito: (Spoken Japanese with English captions) What are you two doing in here?

Hiro: Your son and I were just -- playing.

Kaito: You are done for this evening. It is late. Get into your pajamas.

Young Hiro: Daddy --

Kaito: Hiro! Go to bed! (they both turn to run to bed)

Kaito: May I speak with you for a moment? (He draws the Kensei Sword) Thief!

Hiro: Wait! I can explain...Sort of...

Kaito: (slice) Who are you? (slice) How did you open my safe? (slice)

Hiro: I looked over your shoulder. I saw the combination. (grabs a loaf of bread for defense.)

Kaito: Give me that piece of paper! (He parry's with the loaf, shortening it each slice) Before you die, I will give you...one last chance to explain yourself.

Hiro: If this is destroyed tonight it can never be used again. Anywhere. Anytime.

Kaito: No. Give it to me. I am the guardian of the formula. (Hiro rips it in half, and is instantly grabbed by Daphne and Ando and escapes as the sword takes a final lunge where he was standing.)

(scene change - present day, Mohinder's loft)

Matt: You found him!

Daphne: Yeah, it worked!

Hiro: (Spoken Japanese with English captions) What just happened?

Ando: I have powers now! I rescued you!

Hiro: I was about to tear up the formula! Couldn't you have come later?

Ando: Remind me to never save your life.

Hiro: (to Daphne and Matt) The formula must be destroyed.

Daphne: And I know where it is. I'm the one who stole it for Arthur Petrelli, remember?

Hiro: Nemesis. You have a chance to make up for your past. And for me to make up mine. Take me to it. Please.

Daphne: He's right.

Matt: Go, go. Be the uh, be the good guy, gal.

Daphne: Back in a flash. (They zip out)

(scene change - Arthur's office)

Hiro: (As Tracy removes the formula from Arthur's safe.) Stop. We have come for the formula!

Daphne: It doesn't belong to you.

Tracy: And you are?

Hiro: Hiro Nakamura, and it is my sacred duty to see that it is destroyed!

Tracy: Sorry I've got plans for this little piece of paper, Pikachu.

Hiro: Pikachu! Excuse me. (gets mad, bows, and punches Tracy in the nose, knocking her to the ground, taking the formula.)

Daphne: Time to go. (She grabs him, and they zap out.)

(scene change - Pinehearst Lab)

Peter: (Flint is knocking over more tables) Hey, give me a hand with this. (trying to lift the big vat of formula over. They succeed, and it washes across the floor, covering Mohinder, and wakening him up. His scales disappear.) That's the last of it. Finally. (Flint flames on both hands.)

Flint: Now I'm gonna blow this place to hell.

Peter: Wait! We gotta get the people out. My brother's still here.

Flint: I don't give a rat's ass about your brother. Or you. (Nathan hits Flint from behind with a pipe, knocking him out, then punches Peter in the stomach, and proceeds to batter Peter with the pipe.)

Nathan: You broke my heart Peter. (Flint starts to wake up.)

Peter: Stop!

Flint: You son of a bitch! (flames on both hands, igniting the formula on the floor).

(Peter grabs a surviving vial off the floor, and injects himself. Just as Flint is about to blast Nathan at point-blank range, Peter lunges towards Nathan, grabbing him and flying the two of them out of the window to safety, as Pinehearst explodes.)

(scene change - Primatech)

Angela: So you killed Arthur?

Sylar: I certainly did.

Angela: Then you saved the world. I was right about you all along. You are a hero.

Sylar: I don't think so.

Angela: You're wrong. I always wanted this for you. I dreamed about it. And now that Arthur's dead, there's noone to hold you back. Noone to take advantage of you.

Sylar: (TKs Angela into a chair) Except You!

Angela: Gabriel, I cared for you. I gave you love. I gave you guidance. Everything a mother...

Sylar: (grabbing her chair and dragging her backwards) You are not my mother! (whispering) Are you? And I can tell if you're lying.

Angela: No I'm not.

Sylar: For a brief moment, I wish you were. Why did you do it?

Angela: I told you, my sons have been such a disappointment to me, and I wanted another chance. A chance to give the love that only a mother can.

Sylar: Uhh....(lie detects) That's a lie! (start to TK open her skull, then stops) I told you I could tell.

Angela: I wanted you to work for the Company. You had a skill that I needed.

Sylar: You saw me as a hero?

Angela: No...as a killer. A monster. You were flawed, weak, malleable...someone I could manipulate because that's what I do. Because you're right, I'm a monster too.

Sylar: (regrabs her with TK) Is there any good in this world? Tell me something, anything, just make me believe you're not the same as me.

Angela: I know who your real parents are. (Sylar releases the TK.)

Sylar: You're telling the truth.

Angela: You're not the son of a watchmaker and a woman who collected snowglobes.

Sylar: Who am I then?

Angela: If you kill me, you will never find out.

Sylar: (Reapplying TK to her throat) Tell me! TELL ME! I WANT THE TRUTH!!!

(Claire jabs Sylar in the back of the brain with a glass shard, he falls unconscious, and the lights and lockdown doors and windows return to their normal states.)

Noah: Claire. (enters room) We need to leave. Now!

Claire: Get Angela out of here! (Claire runs to rejoin Meredith.) Mom!

Meredith: Claire...what are you doing here? (flares)

Claire: I told you I'd come back for you, come on!

Noah: Claire, let's go. This whole building is going to come down, and we'll be buried alive.

Claire: But I can save her.

Meredith: No, get away. (flares)

Noah: We have to get out of here.

Meredith: You gotta go. (flares) GO! (flares)

Claire: I love you mom.

Meredith: GO! Oh god. Help me. (Noah and Claire run out as Meredith goes supernova.)

(scene change - forrest some distance away from Pinehearst)

Nathan: (Landing from their escape flight) You flew! That wasn't me, that was you! You took the formula!

Peter: I had to.

Nathan: Everything you're against...

Peter: I had no other choice...

Nathan: Why'd you save me? Why'd you do it?

Peter: Because you're my brother, and I love you.

Nathan: It's not what I would've done.

Peter: Nathan. (Nathan flys away) Nathan!

[Closing Narration by Mohinder: There is good, and there is evil. Right and wrong. Heroes and Villains. And if we're blessed with wisdom, there are glimpses between the cracks of each. Light streams through. We wait in silence for these times. When sense can be made. When meaningless existance comes into focus, and our purpose presents itself. And if we have the strength to be honest, then what we find there, starring back at us, as our own reflection, bearing witness to the duality of life.(Mohinder sees himself walking a dark roadway, and is picked up by Tracy, and notices his skin is healed) And each one of us is capable of both the dark, and the light; good and evil; of either of all. And destiny, while marching forever in our direction, can be re-routed by the choices we make. By the love we hold onto. And the promises we keep. ]

[The End of Volume Three]

[Volume Four "Fugatives"]

[Caption: Three weeks later - Washington, D.C. (the President's limosine)]

Nathan: I think our only option at this point is to get the United States government involved.

(A file is thumbed through, showing a picture of Tracy Strauss, a writeup about her ability of freezing, pictures of Micah Sanders, Mohinder, the Map, Chandra's book, Matt Parkman, Hiro Nakamura and a writeup about his ability of time-space manipulation, Yamagato Industries, a writeup on Matt Parkman and Telepathy, )

The President: But you're saying all of these people have abilities?

Nathan: Them, and more. A lot more. The important thing to remember is how dangerous these people can become if left unchecked. I had a solution. It prooved unsuccessful.

The President: What exactly is it that you're asking me to do?

Nathan: I want to round them up, and put them in a facility where they won't be a danger to anyone.

The President: Alright Senator. Let's get you whatever you need.

Nathan: Thank you Mr. President.

[To be continued...]

Thursday, November 20, 2008

211: Powerless

Transcription by Intrepid (intrepidly002@yahoo.com)



NARRATOR: Previously on Heroes ...




(Peter talks with Victoria.)

PETER: Tell me where I can find the virus so I can stop it.

(He reads her mind.)

VICTORIA PRATT: (v.o., thinking) Primatech Paper. Odessa, Texas.

PETER: Texas.

(Adam frees Victoria. She pushes him backward and grabs the rifle. She cocks it and points it at Peter.)

PETER: Wait!

(Adam shoots her in the back.)

(She falls to the floor.)

(Adam leaves a photo of her with the SYMBOL on her face in his own blood.)


(Mr. Bennet talks with Elle.)

MR. BENNET: I was there when your father first brought you in, and then they started the testing.

ELLE: My father would never let that happen.


(Micah talks with Niki.)

MICAH: We need to be heroes like Dad.

NIKI: Being a hero is what got your father killed.


(Micah talks with Monica.)

MICAH: You're gonna help me get back my dad's medal?

MONICA: As long as you stay out of the way.

(CUT TO: The gang members drag Monica out of the house --

MONICA: (v.o.) Anything crazy happens, I need you safe.

-- knock her out and dump her in the back of the van. Micah runs.)


(Alejandro fights with Sylar.)

ALEJANDRO: (in English) I'm taking my sister!

(Sylar knocks Alejandro to the ground. He grabs the knife on the bed and stabs him.)

(There’s a knock on the door.)

MAYA: (through door) Gabriel!

(The door opens. Sylar steps outside. He’s shirtless and wet as if he’s just come out of the shower.


CUT TO: Sylar and Maya are kissing.

SYLAR: (v.o.) I just wanna help you.

MAYA: (v.o.) You have done that, and so much more.

(Alejandro is dead in the motel room.)



(Mohinder shoots Mr. Bennet in the left eye.)


MR. BENNET: (v.o.) Why am I not dead?

(Mr. Bennet’s eyes heal and clear.)

MOHINDER: (v.o.) You would have been, if not for an infusion of your daughter's blood.

(As he removes the blood bag, Mohinder talks with Mr. Bennet.)

MOHINDER: Your recovery has proven this blood has tremendous regenerative properties.


(Claire confronts Elle.)

CLAIRE: Kidnapped me and murdered my father.

(Claire punches the car window and smashes it.)

CLAIRE: (v.o.) I'll show everyone exactly what I can do.

(As Elle watches, Claire’s bloodied fist heals.)

CLAIRE: Once the secret's out, you won't be able to touch me or my family.


(Hiro talks with Ando.)

HIRO: (subtitled) Adam wants to release this virus!

(Hiro grabs the sword.)

HIRO: (subtitled) I must avenge my father’s death.

(Hiro vanishes.)



(Niki is on the phone with Mohinder.)

MOHINDER: (filtered) I think I found the cure, Niki. I'll bring it to you on the next flight.


(Mohinder is on the phone with Sylar.)

SYLAR: (filtered) Hello Mohinder.

MOHINDER: (to phone) Sylar?



(Sylar strokes Molly’s hair.)

SYLAR: (to phone) I convinced the babysitter to take the night off.





(Mohinder digs through his bag as he walks through the hallway.)

(He takes out the black case and looks at it.)


(Mohinder bursts into his apartment. He finds Sylar sitting at his desk and sitting in his chair.)

SYLAR: Welcome home, Dr. Suresh. What happened to your nose?

MOHINDER: Where's Molly?

SYLAR: Asleep. Keep your voice down. We don't wanna wake her.

MOHINDER: What is it you want?

(The sound of CLOCKS TICKING gets louder and louder. Sylar stands up. Mohinder takes a step back. The sound of CLOCKS TICKING fades out.)

SYLAR: Breakfast? I hope you don't mind. Maya cooked. (Sylar points and Mohinder turns around to find Maya in his kitchen.) She makes the most amazing chilaquiles.

(Maya walks up to Mohinder and shakes his hand. She’s wearing a blue apron, "WORLD’S GREATEST DAD.")

MAYA: It's such an honor to meet you.

SYLAR: He's the one that should be honored. Maya came all the way from South America just to be here, Mohinder.

MOHINDER: Really? Why's that?

MAYA: I read your father's book. He has so many answers. But I have so many more questions.

(Maya takes Mohinder’s bag and indicates he should sit.)

SYLAR: Sit. Eat. (Sylar sits.) I'm starving.

MAYA: When Gabriel told me you two knew each other, I knew fate brought us together.

(Maya puts two plates on the table in front of them.)

MOHINDER: Gabriel. You mean Sylar, don't you? You do know this man's a killer.

MAYA: Yes. He told me.


MAYA: And I am ashamed to admit that ... I have taken lives as well. I have this sickness that comes out of me. It poisons everyone around. I need your help, Dr. Suresh.

(She puts her hand on his arm.)

MOHINDER: So that's what this is about.

SYLAR: We both need your help.

MOHINDER: Why's that?

SYLAR: I was reading about your lab work on the laptop -- the Shanti virus. Does it really take away a person's abilities?

SYLAR: It also has the unfortunate side effect of killing the person infected. (NOTE: Is this Mohinder speaking?)

MAYA: Is that why your powers are gone?

(Sylar turns and looks at Maya.)

MAYA: That you have this virus?

(Mohinder looks at Maya, then turns to look at Sylar. He puts it together and grabs the knife on the table. He stands up, ready to stab Sylar when Sylar stands up and point the gun he’s carrying at Mohinder.)

(Mohinder raises his hands and drops the knife.)

(Maya is confused.)

MAYA: Gabriel ... What are you doing?

SYLAR: Maya, I need you to stay calm. Apparently, Mohinder, your blood is the answer to my ills.

MOHINDER: No. No, not always. Trust me, there are many different strains of the virus.

SYLAR: But when you mix it with a certain cheerleader's blood, it changes, doesn't it?

(He opens Mohinder’s laptop and pulls up Claire’s photo.)

SYLAR: And it heals anything. Isn't that right, Doctor?

MAYA: (upset) You lied to me?

(Mohinder looks at Maya.)

MOHINDER: (to Maya) I don't know what he told you, but he is not my friend. He's a monster.

SYLAR: Maya?! Do not spoil this!

(Mohinder groans and falls to the ground.)

MAYA: My brother was right not to trust you.

(Sylar points the gun at Maya.)

SYLAR: Do you really wanna kill Dr. Suresh, the one man who can save you?

(Maya’s eyes are black. From the other room, Molly screams. Mohinder tries to get to her, but he can’t.)


(Molly steps out of her room with her hands covering her eyes.)

SYLAR: And she dies ... a sweet, innocent little girl.

(Molly falls to the ground, a black tear streaming down her face.)

SYLAR: Stop it, Maya! Now!

(Maya tries. Molly gasps as her eyes clear. Maya‘s eyes clear. Mohinder gets up and runs to Molly. He hugs her as she cries.)

MOHINDER: All right. I'll help you, but not here. We need to get to my lab.

SYLAR: Lead the way ... Doctor.





(Nathan is looking at the photo of him and Peter on the mantle. Angela and Matt are both in the room.)

ANGELA: (o.s.) I suppose I have you to thank for my early release from jail.

NATHAN: You didn't kill anyone, Mom.


MATT: But Adam Monroe did. Again. Victoria Pratt is dead. I found her body at her place in Maine. Adam signed it with one of these.

(He shows her the photo in the evidence bag.)

MATT: Where's Adam going next?

NATHAN: How long are we gonna suffer for your sins? For your generation's deeds?

(Angela gives the photo back to Matt.)

ANGELA: Adam wanted revenge on those of us who betrayed him. It's done now. Let it go, Nathan. It's over.

NATHAN: Peter's alive. Mom.

(Angela is surprised.)

MATT: And he's working with Adam. They both killed Victoria Pratt. Their fingerprints are all over the murder scene.

(Angela looks at Nathan. He looks away from her.)

ANGELA: It all went so wrong. (She looks away from the others.) Thirty years ago, a group of us came together to change the world, to fix it. And Adam ... had a perspective on history that was compelling, and we believed in him. I did. Linderman. Your father.

NATHAN: Bob said you locked him away.

ANGELA: No. Not at first. In the beginning, I helped him.

NATHAN: You what?

ANGELA: And in the end, Adam decided that the world just wasn't worth fixing, and that it needed to be wiped clean with an unstoppable virus. Just before it was too late I, um ... I came to realize how wrong it was.

NATHAN: Did you? You and Linderman wanted to blow up New York to save the world. Doesn't sound to me like you've changed much at all, Ma.

(She turns and looks at them.)

ANGELA: Only someone with Peter's abilities could get to where the virus is stored. That's why Adam chose him.

MATT: Where would that be, Mrs. Petrelli?

ANGELA: Odessa. Texas. Primatech.

(The name is too familiar to them. Nathan looks at Matt, who nods back to him. Nathan turns and looks at his mother. Disgusted, he starts to head out. Angela grabs him to make him listen to her.)

ANGELA: Adam will never quit. One bullet right through his head. It's the only way.

(Nathan heads for the door.)

NATHAN: (to Matt) Come on.

(Matt turns to follow him, then hears Angela’s thoughts.)

ANGELA: (v.o., thinking) If you can't stop Peter, you’ll have to kill him too ... (clearer) If you can't stop Peter,...

(Matt turns and looks directly at Angela.)

ANGELA: (v.o., thinking) ... you'll have to kill him too. Right through the head.

(Matt turns and leaves.)




(The doors open. Adam and Peter walk in.)

PETER: This doesn't look like the sort of place where they'd store a virus that could destroy the world.

ADAM: Paper company's just a front. The good stuff's three floors down. Laboratories, jail cells ...

(TIME STOPS. Peter looks around. He turns and finds Hiro.)

PETER: Hiro?

HIRO: Peter Petrelli?

PETER: What are you doing here?

ADAM: Adam Monroe killed my father. And for that, he must pay.

(Hiro draws his sword.)


(A blue charge of electricity powers up in Peter’s palm.)

PETER: I can't let you hurt him.

(With a loud cry, Hiro runs toward Peter. He raises his sword, ready to strike.)

(Peter fires the electricity at Hiro, but Hiro’s gone. He reappears behind Peter, in front of Adam.)

HIRO: Why are you protecting him?

PETER: Adam is my friend.

HIRO: He was my friend too. Four hundred years ago. He betrayed me. He will betray you.

(Hiro raises his sword ready to strike Adam.)

HIRO: Hah!


(Peter stops him. Hiro’s sword stops mid-air just inches away from Adam’s head.)

PETER: He saved my brother's life.

HIRO: He murdered my father.

PETER: Your father had him locked away for thirty years. I know. I was in that same prison.

(Hiro vanishes.)

(Peter walks over to where Hiro was. He looks around for him. He turns around and Hiro suddenly appears with his sword at Peter’s neck.)

PETER: Hiro ... I went into the future. There's a virus. It kills almost everyone. And it starts here. Today. Adam and I are gonna stop it.

(Peter grabs the sword blade and sends an electrical current through it, shocking Hiro and knocking him out. Hiro falls to the floor.)


(Peter drops the sword and looks at Hiro.)

ADAM: Hiro?

PETER: He froze time. Said he knew you.

ADAM: We were friends once. A very long time ago.

PETER: He tried to kill you. He said I shouldn't trust you.

ADAM: And what did you think about that?

PETER: Let's go destroy the virus.

ADAM: Right.

(Peter leaves. Adam picks up his sword.)

ADAM: I believe this is mine, Carp.

(Adam leaves.)








(Claire is looking through West’s file.)

CLAIRE: Dad left records of pretty much everything he did for the company.

(Sandra puts down another file box.)

SANDRA: You are really going through with this.

CLAIRE: They killed Dad. They're never gonna leave us alone.

SANDRA: You do realize what'll happen to us if you tell everyone what you can do.

CLAIRE: Yes. No more running. No more hiding. No more secrets.

SANDRA: Your father couldn't take down this company, Claire. What makes you think you can?

CLAIRE: I don't know if you can understand it. They only target people with abilities. People like me.

SANDRA: You are still my daughter, Claire. I dream about you going to college, getting married someday. (crying) What if they take you from me ... use you in some lab experiment?

CLAIRE: I love you, Mom. But I can't live in fear of some big "what if?"

(Claire turns and continues to go through the file boxes.)



(Bob talks with Elle.)

BOB: Do you realize how much damage you've done by provoking Claire?

ELLE: I couldn't help it. She was just so ... weepy and earnest and ... who knew she'd turn whistle-blower?


BOB: It's totally unprofessional, not to mention petty. And Claire is not even in your league!

ELLE: She isn't working with a gunshot wound.

BOB: You and I both know you have performed well below what you can do. (He sits down at his desk and looks through a file.) You're benched. No more field assignments.

ELLE: How's about if I said I was sorry?

BOB: When I think about all the hard work I put into raising you ...

ELLE: Daddy ...



(Mr. Bennet sits in a cell throwing a ball against the far wall. It bounces on the floor, hits the wall, and he catches it.)

(PAN AROUND Mr. Bennet to show Elle standing in the open doorway. She leans against the doorframe watching Bennet throw, bounce and catch the rubber ball. He knows she’s there and ignores her.)

ELLE: (bursts) You said you knew all about my ability. Tell me what my dad did to me.

MR. BENNET: I'm stuck in this hellhole. My family thinks I'm dead. There's not a lot of incentive to share.

(She powers up crackling electricity from her fingertips and walks over to him, threatening him.)

ELLE: I could make you tell me.

MR. BENNET: (doesn’t care) You could try.

(He goes back to ignoring her and bouncing the ball against the wall.)

(The electricity goes out.)

ELLE: Please.

(He stops bouncing the ball.)

ELLE: I don't have anyone else to talk to.

MR. BENNET: They wanted to see how much wattage you could discharge. Enough to power a flashlight, street lamp, an entire city block? During testing, you'd pass out from the strain. We'd all want to call it a day, but Daddy said, "No, my girl's tougher than that." You were seven. You know, the hardest thing a parent ever does is to have to see their child in pain.

(Mr. Bennet’s eyes slide toward the door. He looks at Elle.)

MR. BENNET: Most parents.

BOB: (o.s.) Elle.

(Elle is startled. She turns and sees Bob there.)

BOB: What are you doing here?

(Elle turns and looks at Bennet.)

ELLE: Leaving.

(Elle leaves the room. Bob remains. Once she’s gone, he leans against the doorframe.)

BOB: Noah, we have a problem.

MR. BENNET: I'm not part of your "we."

(Bennet goes back to bouncing the ball against the wall.)

MR. BENNET: Do you remember?

BOB: This is about Claire.

(Bennet stops and looks at him.)

BOB: She's becoming difficult.

(There’s a smile on Bennet’s face.)

MR. BENNET: Is she?

BOB: I need to know if she could possibly have any hard evidence which could leave this company exposed.

(Bennet continues to smile. He goes back to bouncing the ball against the wall. Bob moves in close to Bennet.)

BOB: That's unfortunate. Because now we're going to have to take measures to keep your daughter quiet.

(Bob leaves.)



(Niki paces and worries. The front door opens.)

MICAH: (o.s.) Mom!


(Niki heads for the door as Micah returns.)

NIKI: Micah! Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you.

(She hugs Micah.)

MICAH: Monica tried to get my stuff back that was stolen: Dad's medal, my comics.

NIKI: I told you to let the police handle it.

MICAH: She got caught.

NIKI: I'm calling the police.

(Niki starts dialing. Micah grabs the phone from her.)

MICAH: You can call them after we find her. She was taken in a red van. We have to rescue her. With your super strength --

NIKI: Micah, stop. I don't have my strength anymore.

MICAH: What?

NIKI: The virus -- It has side effects. But it's okay. I got a call from Dr. Suresh. He maybe found a cure. He's on his way here to make me better.

MICAH: I hope so. But right now, Monica needs my help. So all you have to do is drive.

(Micah and Niki head out. The door closes behind them.)



(A long, empty hallway. At the end, a guard slides across the floor into view. He hits the wall hard. An alarm sounds. A second guard flies across the hallway and hits the wall with a THUNK. He falls to the floor, unconscious.)

(Peter and Adam turn the corner.)

OVERHEAD: (from PA) Warning. Security breach. Unauthorized personnel in the area.

(A guard rushes toward them. Peter flips him over telekinetically and stops on his head. Adam uses the sword and cuts down two more guards.)

(Adam and Peter continue to the end of the hallway.)

OVERHEAD: (from PA) Warning. Security breach.

ADAM: I believe it's up to the left.

(Peter looks at him.)

ADAM: Oh, please. It's been thirty years.

(They turn to the left.)

(The alarm continues to blare.)

OVERHEAD: (from PA) Warning security breach. Unauthorized personnel in the area.

ADAM: (points to electrical box) Take care of that, will you?

(Peter throws an electrical charge at the box and shorts it out. Some of the lights in the hallway go out.)

(Peter and Adam come to the thick vault door at the end of the hallway. It looks daunting.)

PETER: So what do we do now?

ADAM: I guess you'll have to pry it open with that brain of yours.

(Peter chuckles.)

PETER: I'm not sure I have that sort of power.

ADAM: There's not much at stake here -- just the fate of the entire human race.

PETER: Did you kill Hiro's father?

ADAM: I did. He saw to it that the virus be safely kept here. If he didn't plan to use it, why not destroy it?

PETER: Why don't you make me believe you, Adam. Hiro said not to trust you.

ADAM: The woman you love is trapped in some horrible future where nearly everyone's dead. You can change that. She needs you, Peter. We all need you ... to open that door.

(Adam steps away. Peter steps forward and stretches his hand toward the door. The metal creaks and groans as he uses his telekinesis to open the vault door.)

(Adam watches him and smiles.)





(Mohinder, Molly, Maya and Sylar arrive at Mohinder’s lab. Mohinder punches in the code in the security keypad at the door.)

MAYA: You're nothing like you said you were. Alejandro was right about you all along.

(The door beeps and he opens the door. Mohinder and Molly enter the lab. Maya starts to follow but Sylar grabs her.)

SYLAR: You wanna get rid of your powers, I want mine back. After Suresh fixes me, I'll gladly take yours off your hands.

(They enter.)


SYLAR: There's a bed over there.

(He points to the bed.)

SYLAR: (to Molly) Stay put. (to Maya) Stay calm. (He cocks the gun and holds it up.) And remember ...

(Sylar grabs Mohinder and pushes him toward the stairs leading down to the lab. Maya goes over to Molly.)

MOLLY: Mohinder.

MOHINDER: It'll be okay, Molly, I promise.

(Sylar pushes Mohinder to hurry up.)

SYLAR: So this is your ... laboratory, huh?

PAN UP to show Isaac’s mural on the floor.

(Sylar chuckles.)

SYLAR: I killed that artist, Isaac Mendez, right on this very spot.

(He points to the mural rather proudly. Mohinder removes his satchel and goes to his worktable.)

MOHINDER: I'm going to have to take a sample of your blood.


MOHINDER: You self-diagnosed. I need to know what strain of the virus you have. Or if you even have it at all.

SYLAR: Just give me the remedy.

MOHINDER: Doesn't work like that. The wrong dosage will kill you.

(Mohinder snaps the rubber strip. Sylar looks at Mohinder and the two men stare at each other.)

(Sylar puts the gun down and removes his jacket. He rolls up his sleeve as Mohinder waits. Mohinder ties the rubber around Sylar’s arm.)

SYLAR: Your father helped me find my gift. Now here you are restoring it. Life has its poetry, doesn't it?

(Mohinder gets the syringe.)

MOHINDER: My father, who you murdered.

SYLAR: Your father, who betrayed me. Don't make that same mistake, Mohinder.

(Mohinder stabs the syringe in Sylar’s arm.)

SYLAR: Ouch!

(Mohinder adds the tube to fill with blood. Sylar looks down at the tube while Mohinder looks up –

-- at the red blinking light inside the white fire alarm high up on the wall. He looks at the video surveillance and waits.)



(The door opens and Elle peers inside. No one is in the office. Elle walks in and closes the door. She goes to the shelf and reaches for the file box with her name on it: BISHOP, ELLE.)

(She pulls it out and lifts it to look inside and finds it strangely light. She opens it and finds the file box completely empty. She slams it shut.)



(Elle logs in as an ADMINISTRATOR in the VIDEO SURVEILLANCE MANAGER on the computer. She enters the password: MIDAS.)

(The surveillance cameras at Mohinder’s lab pop up on the monitor.

ELLE: Huh. Does Suresh know you have him on video surveillance?

(On the monitor, she sees Sylar.)

ELLE: Sylar. Oh, Daddy, you're gonna be so proud of me.

(She logs out and looks at the photo on the desk of Bob holding a big fish. She gets up and leaves. She closes the door behind her.)




(The gang members carry in containers of gasoline. Monica is sitting on the floor, tied to a post.)

MONICA: Where am I?

HYPE (GANG MEMBER): That doesn't matter. Both you and it are about to get country fried.

MONICA: Please, let me go! I swear, I was only trying to help somebody!

HYPE (GANG MEMBER): You shoulda thought about that before you started messing up my business. So you thought you was gonna be a hero, huh? You know what happens to heroes in the real world?

(He grabs one of the containers and starts pouring out the gasoline around the area.)

HYPE (GANG MEMBER): They end up dead ... just like you.

(He walks out.)

(Monica reaches for her PDA in her pocket.)



(Niki is driving as Micah follows Monica’s GPS cell phone signal on his own cell phone.)

MICAH: Turn left here.

(Niki turns left.)

NIKI: Explain to me how that works.

MICAH: Monica has a cell phone, and the battery emits a tiny GPS signal, which I can use to try and get her position. Basically, I told your cell phone to find her cell phone and show me where it is.

NIKI: You told the phone.

MICAH: Yeah. Don't slow down. The light'll change.

(Sure enough, the red light turns green. The light after that is green, too.)

NIKI: Let me guess. You told it to?

(Micah smiles and nods. Niki continues on her way.)



MATT: (o.s.) Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

(Matt and Nathan touch down --

MATT: Slow down, slow down, slow down!

-- barely. Nathan lands and deposits Matt on the ground. They both get to their feet.)


(Nathan cricks his sore back.)


MATT: Okay ... We don't talk about that ever again.

NATHAN: Agreed.

(They head for the building. Nathan looks around.)

MATT: Look, before we go in, I need to know something. Is Peter as dangerous as he was in Kirby Plaza? You know, with the whole -- puhh!

(He makes an explosion sound.)

NATHAN: I haven't seen him since that night, but I trust him with my life, Parkman.

MATT: Yeah, but your mother ... your mother told me that if I had to that I should kill Peter.

(Nathan shakes his head.)

NATHAN: Listening to my mother has never led to anything good. If Peter becomes a problem, I'll handle him.

(Hiro steps out of the building and sees Nathan.)

HIRO: (arms stretched over his head) Flying man!!

(Matt turns and looks at Hiro, who is still holding the pose.)

MATT: Who's this guy supposed to be?



(Claire is taping up a box. West walks up to the back door, sees Claire inside and opens it.)

CLAIRE: Oh, good, you're here. Uh, so these two boxes are done. They can go in the car.

WEST: I didn't come to help you, Claire. I came to stop you.

CLAIRE: These people ruined my life. Your life.

WEST: No. They didn't. But what you're about to do --
I'm pretty sure that will.

CLAIRE: West, you're the one who said that we were special, that the rules didn't apply to us.

WEST: I think you misunderstood me.

CLAIRE: If we show everyone what we can do, they'll listen to us.

WEST: I can't. I like my secrets and I liked finding in you someone who I could share that with. But after you go public, it's all gone.

CLAIRE: You saw what they did to my dad. This is the only way to beat them.

WEST: Exposing us isn't going to bring him back.


(She opens the box and sifts through the folders inside.)

CLAIRE: Here's your file. It's everything they have on you. (She finds the file.) Now there isn't an "us" for you to be worried about.

(She shoves the folder at him.)

WEST: Claire, please, don't do this.

(She turns her back on him. West takes the folder and leaves. She turns around and sees West outside. He flies away.)

(Mr. Muggles barks.)

CLAIRE: You won't leave me, will you, Mr. Muggles?

(She smiles at him. Mr. Muggles turns and runs to the door. He growls. Claire rolls her eyes.)

(Mr. Muggles continues to growl at the door. Claire turns back to the file boxes.)

(The front door opens.)

(LOW on a pair of legs in the doorway.)

(Claire turns around and gasps. She drops the file box she’s carrying.)

(Mr. Bennet stands in the doorway. Claire starts to cry.)

MR. BENNET: Hello, Claire-bear.



(Maya and Molly sit on the bed.)

MAYA: I wish Alejandro was here to help.

MOLLY: Who's that?

MAYA: He's my brother. I sent him away. Gabriel said ...

MOLLY: I can find him for you. Even if he's far away. So you know he's safe.

MAYA: You can? How?

MOLLY: I just know where people are. I need a picture or something to think about.

(Maya takes out a crinkled photo taken of her and her brother taken at her brother’s wedding. She gives the photo to Molly.)

MAYA: This is Alejandro. Here

(Molly looks at the photo and closes her eyes. She looks for Alejandro and can’t find him.)

MOLLY: He's not anywhere.

MAYA: But ... if he's not anywhere ...

(Molly shakes her head. Maya turns and looks out toward where Sylar is. She stands up.)


(Mohinder is looking at the blood sample in the microscope.)

MOHINDER: How -- ? You have the same strain of the virus Niki has. (He looks at Sylar.) The Company injected you as well.

SYLAR: Injected me? Someone did this to me?

(Mohinder looks past Sylar at Maya.)

MAYA: You killed him? (screams) You killed my brother!

(Sylar turns and shoots Maya in the chest.)

MAYA: (gasps) Aah!

(Molly screams and scrambles up on the bed. Maya falls to the floor.)

SYLAR: Now look what you made me do.

TOP VIEW DOWN: Maya is bleeding on the mural on the floor.





(Maya is bleeding on the mural. Mohinder points the gun at Mohinder.)

SYLAR: Where is the "heal anything" blood?

MOLLY: (scared) Please.

(Mohinder reaches into his satchel and takes out the black case.)

SYLAR: You had it here all along? You and I have trust issues, Doctor. Give it to her first. Let me see you save her. Then if it works ... I'll let you save me.



(Sandra and Lyle see that Bennet is alive.)

SANDRA: It was a lie? Another lie?

MR. BENNET: No, please, you have to understand. None of this was my decision.

CLAIRE: But I saw you get shot. I saw it!

MR. BENNET: It's because of you. They injected me with your blood. You healed me.

SANDRA: I-I don't get it. And we're just supposed to pretend you weren't dead?

MR. BENNET: This is an impossible situation and it's just getting worse, Claire. You have to stop.

CLAIRE: Stop what?

MR. BENNET: Your plans to expose the Company. It's unacceptable.

CLAIRE: If we destroy them, we get our lives back, you back.

MR. BENNET: No, if you push this, they will react.

SANDRA: React?

MR. BENNET: No, it--it's not gonna come to that. I've made a deal that's gonna keep you all alive.

CLAIRE: What deal?

MR. BENNET: I have to go back with them.

CLAIRE: No ...

MR. BENNET: And you all will live normal lives. That's all I've ever wanted for you.

CLAIRE: You can't. Please.

MR. BENNET: You were right, Claire, when you said it was all my fault.


MR. BENNET: I never meant to hurt you.

(He holds her hand as he heads out.)


(He shuts the door. Bob is in the background.)

MR. BENNET: It's done.




(It rattles and shakes. The metal is warped and bending.)

(Peter continues to use telekinesis to rip the thick vault door open. The metal creaks and groans.)

(Adam stands behind him, watching.)

(Parts of the vault door pop off. Peter continues to work on the door. The metal warps and moves. The bolts pop. Peter doesn’t let up.)

(Finally, the door opens.)

(Tired, Peter steps back.)

PETER: Go. Get the virus.

(Adam heads for the door.)

(Hiro appears and blocks the entryway to the vault.)

HIRO: I must stop you, Kensei.

(Adam draws the sword. Hiro starts to run toward Adam. Peter turns and telekinetically pushes Hiro aside. Hiro hits the wall and falls to the floor, unconscious.)

(Adam sheathes the sword. He heads for the vault.)

ADAM: He's going to keep at it, Peter, unless you do something about it.

(Adam slips into the vault.)

(Peter telekinetically grabs Hiro and pushes him high up on the wall. Hiro groans. Peter doesn’t let up.)

(Behind him, Matt enters the hallway. He heads toward Peter.)

MATT: (v.o., thinking) Let Hiro go. Go after Adam. He's using you, Peter. Let Hiro go.

(Peter lets Hiro go.)

MATT: (v.o., thinking) Go after Adam. Let Hiro go. Go after Adam. He's evil.

(Peter turns his attention to Matt.)

PETER: (v.o., thinking) I don't think so.

MATT: (v.o., thinking) He wants to destroy the whole world.

PETER: (v.o., thinking) You're wrong. Adam wouldn't do that.

MATT: (v.o., thinking) He's going to release the virus.

(Peter heads toward Matt.)

PETER: (v.o., thinking) He wants to destroy the virus.

(He telekinetically pushes Matt backward. Peter continues to advance toward Matt and continues to push Matt all the way along the hallway floor.)

PETER: Don't you understand? You're on the wrong side!

(Nathan steps out between Matt and Peter.)

NATHAN: What about me, Pete?

(Peter is surprised to see Nathan.)

PETER: Nathan?

NATHAN: Am I on the wrong side too?


(Hiro comes to and looks around as he gets his bearings.)


(He sees the open vault door.)

(He vanishes.)



(Inside the vault are various drawers and display cases each with its own different item – a card hand, a brain in a circular glass container, an empty stand, a metal-looking pyramid.)

(Adam has the virus display open and his arm is up in the case when --

HIRO: (o.s.) Kensei!

(Adam turns and finds Hiro in the vault.)

HIRO: (subtitled) You were my friend.

ADAM: You were more than a friend to me. You were my inspiration. I was a rudderless drunk, and then you came along, you taught me to be a hero.

HIRO: (subtitled) Only to have you become a villain.

(Adam takes the sword out and points it at Hiro.)

ADAM: (subtitled): I learned that from you.

(Behind him, Adam has the test tube clutched in his left hand.)


NATHAN: I went to the Company. I saw Adam's history--who he is and what he wanted. Pete ... he tried to release the virus.

PETER: Do you wanna know how your burns got healed, Nathan? He gave you his blood. I was there. You should be grateful.

NATHAN: He used me.


ADAM: Wars, famine ... disease. Four hundred years later, nothing has changed. When God wasn't happy with what he'd created, he made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights. He just washed it all away. He had the right idea. Because when this virus is released, those of us who are left will be granted a second chance. (whispers) And I'll be their hero.


(Nathan steps forward.)

NATHAN: He used me to get to you.

(Confused, Peter backs away.)

NATHAN: Don't you see it? He tried to manipulate you like that.

PETER: Nathan, he --

NATHAN: (interrupts) Peter, that night at Kirby Plaza when I carried you away, it's because I believe in you. You're my brother, Pete. I love you.


HIRO: (subtitled) You are not God.

ADAM: Really? I've lived for over 400 years. Who's to say I'm not going to live 400 more?

HIRO: (subtitled) I should have killed you ... long ago. And I should kill you now.


HIRO: (subtitled) For my father.


NATHAN: Can you really trust Adam?

(No, he can’t.)

(Peter turns and looks back uncertainly at the open vault door where Adam is. He starts running toward the vault. Nathan follows him. And behind them, Matt is up on his feet starting after them.)



(Hiro reaches forward and touches Adam on his shoulder.)

(Adam drops the vial.)

(Hiro and Adam VANISH.)

(The vial remains and it starts to FALL.)


(Peter reaches the vault door.)


(Twists and turns as it falls toward the hard concrete floor.)





(Peter runs toward the vault door.)


(Twists and turns as it falls toward the hard concrete floor.)

(Peter slips inside the vault and telekinetically catches the vial.)

(The vial HOVERS ABOVE the floor.)

(Peter goes and picks it up just as Nathan and Matt enter the vault.)

NATHAN: Is that it?

MATT: Where'd those guys go?

PETER: They're gone.

(Matt looks around the vault.)

MATT: What is all this stuff?

(Peter looks at the vial. He swallows hard.)

PETER: I saw what this could do. I almost--

NATHAN: Peter, you're not responsible for something that might have happened. You came here to destroy the virus. Now, finish the job.

PETER: Step back.

(Peter turns his back to them and holds the vial between his hands. His hands flash white as he burns the vial and its contents.)

(When he’s done, he opens his hands. A puff of smoke rises. There’s nothing left but dust in his palms. In the dust is the SYMBOL. The dust slips away.)

(Peter turns to look at them. Matt looks confused and angry.)

MATT: What the hell's going on? Your mother and my father -- God knows what else they've done. How much longer are we gonna have to clean up their mess?

NATHAN: Matt, you're right. You're right. We've been used by these people, manipulated. But it's over. It stops here. (He looks at them.) No more secrets.

PETER: So what do you wanna do?

(Unnoticed by them, a red light flashes through the vent grating high up on the wall behind Matt.)

NATHAN: We take this all public.


(There’s a camera in the vent.)

NATHAN: (filtered) We expose them for what they are, what they've done, that they're the enemy.


NATHAN: I wanna have a press conference. Matt, I need your help. Make sure everybody listens to me.

(Matt thinks about it, then nods. Matt and Peter look at each other.)



(Maya is on the bed. Molly is next to her. Mohinder injects her with a vial of Claire’s blood. He puts the needle down on the case with the other remaining vial.)

SYLAR: That's it? Just a simple injection?

(Mohinder watches. The bullet pops out of Maya’s chest as she heals.)

(Sylar straightens, amazed. Mohinder picks up the bullet and looks at it.)

(Behind them, the front door opens and Elle walks in.)

SYLAR: I'm sure Maya will understand if I'm not here when she wakes up.

(Sylar closes the case and picks it up.)

(Mohinder is looking at the bullet. Sylar steps away from them.)

ELLE: Sylar!

(Elle is in the doorway with an electric charge in the palm of her hand.)

(Sylar turns and points the gun at Elle. She shoots her charge at him. He fires. The glass between them shatters.)

(Molly screams.)


(Mohinder goes to cover Molly.)

(Sylar turns and shoots out the glass window. He turns and runs.)

(Elle pulls herself up through the broken window and shoots an electrical charge at Sylar’s retreating back. She misses and hits the table.)

(He runs.)

(She fires again and hits him in the back. He falls through the glass window, shattering it. He gets up.)

(Elle runs after him.)

(Mohinder watches her go. Elle looks around, then goes through the back door. Mohinder sees the case and remaining vial of blood gone.)

MOHINDER: The blood! Oh, my God. Niki.



(Niki is driving as Micah navigates.)

MICAH: Mom, we're almost there.


(Hype continues to pour the gasoline around the warehouse area. Monica grunts as she tries to use her phone.)

(Hype returns and sees her.)

HYPE (GANG MEMBER): Girl, what you doing? Gimme that phone!

(He takes the phone from her.)

MONICA: I didn't call nobody! I swear! I swear I didn't call anybody!

(He opens the lighter and sets fire to the 9th Wonders (issue #10) comic book.)

HYPE (GANG MEMBER): Look at that, look at that.

(He uses it to light several places in the room.)

HYPE (GANG MEMBER): Look what you did, huh?




HYPE (GANG MEMBER): Huh? Who you think's gonna rescue you?

(He drops the burning comic book on the floor.)

MONICA: No, don't leave me here!

(Hype leaves.)

MONICA: No! No, don't leave me here, please! Please don't leave me here!

(Monica cries.)


MICAH: Stop.

(Niki stops the car.)

MICAH: It's right around here.

(Micah sees Hype getting into the red van.)

MICAH: The van! That's the guy who took Monica!

(Hype starts the engine and pulls out. He turns in the nearby road.)

NIKI: Hold on.

(Niki turns into the road and heads straight for Hype and the red van. He’s forced to stop the van.)

(Niki gets out of the car. Hype gets out and he’s really mad.)

HYPE (GANG MEMBER): You crazy bitch! What's wrong with you?

(She kicks him and he doubles over, drops the gun and groans.)

(Niki picks up the gun.)

NIKI: Where's Monica?

HYPE (GANG MEMBER): Go to hell.

(Niki hits him in the face with the gun. He’s still conscious.)

MICAH: Mom, the building! She's in there!

(Niki looks up and sees the building smoking.)

NIKI: Micah, stay in the car and call 911!

(Micah gets back in the car and closes the door. She hits Hype again with the gun; this time, she knocks him out.)

(Niki turns and runs to the building.)


(Niki opens the door and steps inside.)

NIKI: (shouts) Monica! Monica!

MONICA: I'm here! I'm here! Hurry.

(Niki runs to Monica and unties her.)

MONICA: How'd you find me?

NIKI: Micah.

MONICA: Oh, I love that kid.

NIKI: You okay?

(Monica nods.)

(They get up. Monica grabs Micah’s backpack and they head out.)

(On their way out, a beam on fire falls in front of Niki. Monica pulls her back to avoid it hitting her.)

MONICA: Niki, look out!

(The beam is blocking their exit. Niki grabs a cloth on the side and rolls it around her hands.)

NIKI: When I lift that beam, you pull the door open.

(Monica nods.)

(Niki pulls the beam up enough for Monica to get through.)

NIKI: Go! Go, I'm right behind you.

(Monica runs. Niki loses her grip on the beam and it falls back into place. The building continues to burn around her.)

(Niki tries to lift the beam again.)

(Something smashes behind her. She turns to look. Everywhere around her is in flames.)


(Monica runs out of the building.)

MICAH: Monica!

(Micah runs to meet her.)

MICAH: You're all right!

(Monica runs to him, then pulls Micah with her.)

MONICA: C'mon! C'mon, run!

(The building behind them explodes. BOOM! The force of the explosion knocks them off their feet.)

MICAH: (screams) Mom!

(Another explosion destroys the front of the diner. Nothing could survive that.)





(Ando is reading a magazine as he returns back to his desk. He finds Hiro sitting there watching his sister on the computer monitor.)

ANDO: Hiro. (subtitled) Where have you been?

HIRO: (subtitled) I went to face my father’s killer.

ANDO: (subtitled) Well, did you find him?

(Hiro nods.)

ANDO: (subtitled) Did you kill him?

(Hiro is quiet.)

HIRO: (subtitled) He can never hurt anyone ever again.

ADAM: (PRE-LAP) (v.o.) CARP!!



(Adam is lying somewhere dark.)


PULL OUT through the wooden box ...

ADAM: (screaming) (v.o.) Carp!


ADAM: (screaming) (v.o.) Carp!

... UP THROUGH layers and layers of DIRT ...


ADAM: (screaming) (v.o.) Aah!

TOP VIEW DOWN: On the grave and surrounding headstones.


ADAM: (screaming) (muffled) (v.o.) Let me out!



(Mohinder and Molly watch Maya. Suddenly she gasps and sits up.)

MAYA: I thought ... I was dead.

MOHINDER: You very nearly were.

(Elle returns.)

ELLE: Sylar's gone. (She slams her hand against the doorframe in frustration.) My dad's gonna kill me.

MOHINDER: I doubt that very much. If you hadn't arrived, Sylar would have slaughtered us all. We owe you our lives.

ELLE: Really? Cool.

(She likes the thought of it.)



(The media are gathered in a room – reporters with their cameras.)


(Matt, Nathan and Peter walk in. Nathan is cleaned up and wearing a crisp shirt and tie. Peter is quiet.)

NATHAN: Sure you're all right with this?

PETER: Yeah, I just keep thinking if I hadn't listened to Adam.

NATHAN: If I hadn't listened to Linderman. (Nathan grabs Peter to make him listen.) Hey, look. You tried to do the right thing. You always do. You trusted that people are as good as you are. But if you see yourself as a monster, Pete, this guilt is just gonna eat you up inside. Believe me, I know.

(Peter smiles. Nathan smiles back.)


PETER: Just really missed you.

NATHAN: I missed you too.

(They hug.)

(Matt walks up to them.)

MATT: Okay, I did it. They're ready for you. They'll definitely hear what you have to say.



(Nathan is on the monitor.)

NATHAN: Good afternoon. Most of you have no idea who I am. My name is Nathan Petrelli, and I was elected to Congress in the State of New York. Seems like a long time ago. I lost my position.


NATHAN: (v.o.) I lost my brother.

(Peter is about to explode back in Kirby Plaza.)
(Nathan fights with Angela for the framed photo of him with Peter.)

NATHAN: (v.o.) I lost my family.

(CU of Nathan in the rain in front of the Wandering Rocks Pub.)

NATHAN: (v.o.) I'm sad to say that I lost my way.

(Mohinder and Molly hug.)

NATHAN: (v.o.) But while I was gone, I had the chance to see the world through newly humbled eyes.

(DL rescues the girl from the burning building.)

NATHAN: (v.o.) Witnessed amazing things.

(Matt kicks the door in to face his father.)

NATHAN: (v.o.) I've seen ordinary people among us, trying their best each day to be heroes.

(Hiro is dressed as Takezo Kensei with twelve swords in front of him.)

(Claire falls. West rescues her.)

(Cuts of Maya and Alejandro.)

NATHAN: (v.o.) These ordinary people -- like you, like me -- are capable of extraordinary things.

(Monica attacks the robber.)

(Peter and Caitlin are in future New York.)

NATHAN: (v.o.) You have no idea ... how extraordinary.

(Elle turns and fires an electrical charge at West flying up in the sky. She hits him and Claire.)

(Bob puts the gun on the table in front of Mohinder.)

NATHAN: (v.o.) But there are other people, organizations, who don't want you to know the truth.

(The Haitian takes Peter’s memory and locks Peter in the shipping container.)

(Nathan sees his deformed image in the mirror. He punches the mirror with his fist.)

NATHAN: (v.o.) I, myself, kept secrets.

(Nathan flies away from capture.)

NATHAN: (v.o.) But last year ... something incredible happened to me ...

(Burned, Nathan falls out of the sky. Peter saves him.)


(Matt and Peter flank Nathan.)

NATHAN: ... and it changed my life. At first, I was afraid. But I'm -- I'm not afraid anymore. I'm here to tell you the truth. I have the ability --

(Nathan is shot twice in the chest.)

(A woman screams. Nathan falls backward and chaos ensues.)

(Peter cradles Nathan in his arms.)

PETER: (no audio) Nathan!

(Nathan doesn’t respond. Nathan moves.)

PETER: (no audio) Nathan!

(Matt stops looking at them, and looks out at the crowd. The police try to contain the news media from crowding in too close.)

(In the back, a man in a black jacket walks away.)



(Angela is on the phone as she watches the news report on the television.)

NEWS REPORTER: (from tv) In Odessa, Texas, where the former New York Congressman elect Nathan Petrelli was shot by an unknown assassin. Authorities--

(She turns the television off.)

ANGELA: (to phone) I know. It was unavoidable. You do know that you've now opened Pandora's box.

(She hangs up.)







(Sylar sits on the ground in a dirty alley. His sleeve is rolled up as he prepares to shoot himself up with the last remaining vial of Claire’s blood.)

(He pulls the needle out and waits.)

(He pants for a moment, then watches as the deep glass cuts on his hands heal spontaneously. The cuts on his face vanish.)

(A determined look crosses his face as he focuses on the empty SPINACH CAN across the alley. He holds his hand out and concentrates.)

(The can quivers.)

(Sylar’s fingers twitch.)

(The can rattles.)

(He tries harder and the can FLIES straight into the palm of his hand.)

(We hear the sound of CLOCKS TICKING.)

(Sylar smiles.)

SYLAR: I'm back.



210: Truth and Consequences

Transcription by Intrepid (intrepidly002@yahoo.com)



NARRATOR: Previously on Heroes ...




(Hiro talks with his father.)

HIRO: (subtitled) You are going to die! Here! Tonight!

KAITO NAKAMURA: (subtitled) This is my fate then.

(LATER: Hiro has frozen time just at the moment when Kaito is being pushed off the roof.)

HIRO: (subtitled) (v.o.) I can’t save him. But I can learn who killed him.

(Hiro gasps.)

HIRO: Kensei Takezo. (subtitled) Takezo Kensei



(Niki talks with Micah.)

NIKI: When I get back, we'll be together.

(Niki hugs Micah.)



(Niki punches the door to Bob’s office. She smashes it off its hinges.)

(CUT TO: Nathan stands in front of Bob. Niki has her hand on Nathan’s shoulder.)

BOB: You came here to get control of your life.


(Mohinder talks with Niki after she’d been infected.)

MOHINDER: It's another strain of the virus. My blood's no longer a cure.

NIKI: I'm going to die?



(Bob shows Mohinder Claire’s folder, his next assignment.)

BOB: Claire is the key that could cure the virus.


(Mohinder sits in the back seat of Mr. Bennet’s car.)

MOHINDER: And he has asked you to give us Claire.



(Mr. Bennet negotiates a trade with Bob.)

MR. BENNET: (to phone) You touch my daughter and I'll kill yours. Then I'll kill you.



(Mohinder shoots Mr. Bennet. The bullet pierces his eye. Mr. Bennet falls to the ground.)




(Caitlin and Peter are separated by a wire fence. Caitlin is about to be deported.)

CAITLIN: Please don't let them take me.
PETER: I'll get us home, I promise –

(The officials grab Caitlin and pull her away from the wire fence.)

PETER: No, no!



(Peter is back in the present. Peter hyperventilates and looks around for Caitlin.)

ADAM: (o.s.) Peter.

(Peter looks at Adam.)

PETER: I remember everything.



(Alejandro talks with Maya.)

ALEJANDRO: (subtitled) I don’t trust him, Maya.


(Maya is driving.)

MAYA: (subtitled) We should put our faith in him.



(Sylar talks with Alejandro knowing he doesn’t understand English.)

SYLAR: (in English) See, when I get my ability back, I'm gonna kill you and your sister. And I'm gonna take it all.




(Peter appears in the middle of the street, which is littered with paper flyers.)

(He looks out in front of him. He picks up a piece of paper. It’s an EVACUATION NOTICE.)

(He looks up as the CDC crew rush past him without seeing him.)

CDC CREW 1: Get on the ground now!
CDC CREW 1: Do you have any symptoms?

(Peter watches as they grab his past self and Caitlin.)

CDC CREW 1: Get on the ground!
CDC CREW 2: Are you sick? Are you infected?
CDC CREW 1: Take them to decontamination now!

(Peter watches as they converge on Caitlin.)


PETER: (shouts) Caitlin!
PETER: (shouts) Caitlin!
PETER: (shouts) Caitlin!
PETER: (shouts) Caitlin!
PETER: (shouts) Caitlin!


PETER: (shouts) Caitlin!

ADAM: No need to shout.

(Peter turns and looks at Adam.)

PETER: Adam, I was there. I saw her.

ADAM: You haven't gone anywhere, Peter. You were telling me about time travel and how you were going to save some girl from some deadly virus, and then you began shouting her name.

PETER: No, no, I was in New York City a year from now. I saw Caitlin. I was calling at her to come back with me. Look.

(Peter shows Adam the EVACUATION NOTICE he picked up.)

ADAM: Impressive.

(Adam turns and walks to the back of the room. Peter follows him.)

PETER: I have to keep trying. I can't just leave her there to be killed by the virus.

ADAM: What do you know about this virus?

PETER: I know that it kills over 93% of the world's population.

ADAM: Peter, do you know what the virus is called?

PETER: (thinks) Shanti virus. That's what the guy at Homeland Security called it. Does that mean something to you?

ADAM: I knew a woman at the company. Victoria Pratt.

(Adam opens a chest and takes out the FOUNDERS’ photo.)

ADAM: She was a biological engineer. On Valentine's Day 1977, she recovered a deadly virus from a sick Indian girl named Shanti. Under Company orders, she tried to manipulate the virus into a weapon.

(Peter walks over and looks at the photo.)

ADAM: I'd heard the program had been shut down. Clearly I was misinformed.

PETER: Those are my parents: Linderman, Charles Deveaux. What --

ADAM: Those are the company founders, Peter. The virus is their crime.

PETER: They're responsible for this.

ADAM: (nods) Parents sin, children suffer. That is Victoria.

(He points to the woman standing between Robert Bishop and Maury Parkman.)

PETER: We need to find her, Adam. We need to find her. Make her tell us everything that she knows. That's the only way to stop the virus and save Caitlin.

ADAM: It's the only way we can save the world.



(Sandra holds the gun on Bob. Claire and Lyle are behind her.)

SANDRA: Get the hell out of my house.


BOB: Noah Bennet was a loyal employee of our company, and for many years a true friend. I offer my deepest condolences.

CLAIRE: Are those my dad's ashes?

SANDRA: You had my husband cremated?

BOB: Yes, his personnel file was very clear as to how his remains should be handled.

SANDRA: What gives you the right?

BOB: We were only trying to help Claire use her abilities for the greater good. But Noah's aggression forced our hand.

CLAIRE: He was trying to protect me.

(Bob moves toward the side table.)

BOB: In the wake of this tragedy, I feel it's only fair to honor Noah's wishes. (He puts the urn down.) You will be left alone to lead a normal life.

CLAIRE: My father is dead. There is no normal.

BOB: I'm sorry for your loss.

(Bob backs out of the house and closes the door. Sandra lowers the gun.)

SANDRA: Pack your bags. We're leaving tonight.

(She walks past Claire. Lyle follows her.)



(The car door opens and Bob gets inside. Elle is sitting in the passenger seat with her arm in a cast.)

BOB: The next 24 hours are critical. I want you to keep an eye on Claire.

ELLE: It'd be easier without this thing on my arm.

(Elle scratches under the gauze covering her wound. Her arm is in a sling.)

ELLE: It itches like a mother!

BOB: And I thought my little girl was tough.

ELLE: I am, Dad, but I was shot. And my body doesn't heal itself.

BOB: I'm sorry you're in pain, but none of this would've happened if you hadn't lowered your guard.

ELLE: How was I supposed to know that Bennet teamed up with West, the flying boy?

BOB: Excuses don't change outcome, Elle. You need to accept responsibility for what's happened. Can you do that? Can you regain my trust?

ELLE: Sure, Daddy. I'll watch the cheerleader.





(Mr. Bennet is on the gurney with his arm hooked up to an IV feeding him Claire’s blood.)

(The wound in his left eye heals and clears completely.)

(He gasps loudly and sits up.)

(He takes a couple of gasping breaths, then falls back on the bed.)

(Mohinder walks in.)

MR. BENNET: Mohinder.

MOHINDER: Take it easy.

(Mohinder puts the restraints on Bennet’s wrists.)

MR. BENNET: Last thing I remember ... you were ... ohh ... Did you shoot me?

MOHINDER: I didn't have a choice.

MR. BENNET: Why am I not dead?

MOHINDER: You would have been, if not for an infusion of your daughter's blood.

(Mohinder removes the IV from Bennet’s arm. He surges up on the bed.)

MR. BENNET: You took Claire's blood?

MOHINDER: It saved your life.

MR. BENNET: You betrayed me. You went after my family!

MOHINDER: You told me this company had to be brought down from the inside out. Thank God I came to my senses before I'd done any real damage.

MR. BENNET: What have you done with Claire?

MOHINDER: Claire's at home, grieving the loss of her father.

MR. BENNET: Oh. (falls back on the bed) They think I'm dead.

MOHINDER: You put us on this path with your violence, your paranoia. You have nobody to blame but yourself.

(Mohinder removes the bag with Claire’s blood off the IV stand.)

MR. BENNET: What are you doing with that?

MOHINDER: Your recovery has proven this blood has tremendous regenerative properties. I believe it holds the key to saving an innocent woman from a deadly virus. That's what this company does. We save lives.

MR. BENNET: Everything they've told you is a lie. The Company made that virus.

(Mohinder takes the bag of blood and heads out of the room.)

MR. BENNET: (loudly) They've been experimenting with it for thirty years. You can't trust them, Suresh!

(Mohinder slams and locks the metal door.)

MR. BENNET: (shouts) Get back here, you son of a bitch!







(Monica opens the door. Damon and Micah walk in. She closes the door.)

DAMON: Six hundred bucks for a comic book?

MICAH: In mint condition. But that's not why I collect them. I just like the stories.

DAMON: How about this for a story? Once upon a time, we cash these in and live happily ever after, the end.

MONICA: Hey, if St. Joan's a good guy, why is she wearing a hood?

MICAH: Well, every superhero has to have a secret identity. How else could they live a normal life?

DAMON: Who wants normal? Pssh, I'd be rolling large. Let everybody know who I was.

(Monica whacks Damon on the head with the comic book. They move to the living room.)

MICAH: But if your enemies knew who you really were, then they'd be coming after you at home, maybe even taking revenge on your family.

MONICA: That's why Clark Kent wears those glasses.

MICAH: Right.

(Monica gives the comic book back to Micah. Micah goes to his room. He puts his backpack down on the chair to put the comic book inside.)

(Nana and Niki approach him. He doesn’t notice them there yet.)

NIKI: Micah?

MICAH: Mom, you came back!

(He hugs her.)

NIKI: Mmm! I told you that I would.


(Niki and Micah are in the kitchen.

MICAH: I missed you every day.

NIKI: Oh, I missed you every minute, every second. What's that even smaller one?

MICAH: A nanosecond.

NIKI: I missed you that one too.

(She licks the spoon she’s holding.)

NIKI: Mmm.

MICAH: So where were you, Mom?

NIKI: I went to a place that helps people like us when we're sick.

MICAH: Is it Jessica again?

NIKI: No, Jessica's gone. They all are. This is about something else.

MICAH: What is it?

(She puts her hand on his.)

NIKI: I have a virus. You don't have to worry. I can't make you or anybody else sick.

MICAH: What's gonna happen to you?

NIKI: Do you remember Dr. Suresh? (Micah nods.) He is working really hard to find me a cure. And when he does, I'll get better.

MICAH: Yeah, but what if he doesn't?

NIKI: He will. I am going to get better, Micah. We are going to have normal life. I promise you. I've got something to make you stronger.

MICAH: Oh, yeah? What's that? Dad's medal. The one that the mayor gave him for saving that girl from the fire. (Niki smiles and nods at him.) It's in my backpack.

(Micah gets up and heads to the bedroom to get his backpack.)

NIKI: We can't waste another nanosecond.

(He finds the backpack gone.)

NIKI: What's wrong, bud?

MICAH: It's my backpack. It's gone.



(Sylar pours Maya a drink as they sit on the grassy area overlooking a lake and gazebo.)


MAYA: It's beautiful here, Gabriel. Thank you. I almost feel normal.

SYLAR: After you see Dr. Suresh, you will be.

MAYA: And then Alejandro and I can go back home.

SYLAR: What if Alejandro could go home now?

MAYA: But I need my brother. He's the only one who can stop me from hurting anyone else.

SYLAR: What if you could learn ... to control your own power? I've seen people's powers grow. Do you love your brother enough to let him go?

MAYA: Of course. It's ... it's just not possible.

SYLAR: Well, you'll never know ... unless you try.

MAYA: (nervous) We should get back.

(Maya stands up.)

SYLAR: You put him through enough, Maya.


SYLAR: He gave up his entire life for you even after you killed his wife.

MAYA: It was an accident.

SYLAR: You really think he's forgiven you?

MAYA: She was cheating on him.

SYLAR: So she deserved to die?

MAYA: That's not what I meant. It's just--

(Sylar grabs her.)

SYLAR: But you wanted to kill her, didn't you, Maya?

MAYA: Stop it. Let me go.

(Maya struggles, but he doesn’t let her go.)

SYLAR: Where? Back to your brother? He hates you.

MAYA: Don't do this. Please!

(Maya’s eyes start to turn black. Sylar starts to feel the pain.)

SYLAR: If you can control your power, no more innocent people have to die.

(He collapses to the ground.)

MAYA: Ahh! I can't!

SYLAR: (rasps) Help. You're killing me.

(He grabs Maya’s sweater.)

SYLAR: Help ... please.

(Maya tries to stop it. Sylar lets her go. Maya’s eyes clear. Sylar’s eyes clear and he takes in a deep breath.)

(She helps him up.)

MAYA: You were right. (She hugs him.) I did it.




(Hiro and Ando are going through files in an empty office. Hiro looks at the FOUNDERS’ photo.)

HIRO: (subtitled) My father looked good in a suit. I must find Takezo Kensei ... and avenge my father.

ANDO: (subtitled) Are any of these Kensei?

HIRO: (subtitled) No.

ANDO: (subtitled) But you’re sure he did it?

HIRO: (subtitled) I saw him on the roof of the Deveaux building. Just before he pushed my father off.

ANDO: (subtitled) You said Kensei died in White Beard’s camp. Even if he didn’t ... how could anyone still be alive after 400 years?

(Hiro pushes his glasses up and thinks about it.)

HIRO: (subtitled) Kensei could heal from any wound. Maybe he could survive time as well.

ANDO: (subtitled) You mean he could live forever?

HIRO: (subtitled) If he did ... he would leave a trail.

(Hiro digs into the file box, looking for more information.)



(Adam and Peter exit their car. Adam is holding a gun. They’re parked on a back road.)


PETER: I don't think we should go in there guns blazing. Let's just tell Victoria the truth. Ask her straight out where to find the virus.

ADAM: This woman can't be trusted, Peter. She worked for the Company. She locked me up. One glance at me on her garden path is liable to affect her mood.

PETER: Fine. I'll go alone.

(Adam offers him the gun. Peter declines.)


(Peter starts down the road.)



(Peter walks up the path leading to the house. He finds a woman working in the garden.)


PETER: Hope not. I'm looking for Victoria Pratt.

VICTORIA PRATT: Never heard of her.

PETER: You worked for the Company.

(She picks up a rifle and points it at Peter.)

PETER: In 24 hours, the Shanti virus is released. A year from now, 93% of the world's population is dead.

VICTORIA PRATT: How can anyone know what happens a year from now?

PETER: I've been there. I've seen it.

VICTORIA PRATT: A time traveler.

PETER: You created a virus that kills billons of people. I don't know how it gets out or where, only that it does. Unless you help me.

(She cocks the rifle.)

VICTORIA PRATT: Inside ... now.





(Ando opens another PRIMATECH PAPER CO. file storage box.)

HIRO: (subtitled) Ando, be more careful. You are like ... a hamster making a nest.

(Hiro finds another photo of three people – a younger Victoria Pratt, Takezo Kensei and a younger Kaito Nakamura.)

HIRO: (subtitled) Takezo Kensei and my father.

(He flips the photo over and sees the notes:

HIRO: (subtitled) Kensei was calling himself ADAM MONROE.

ANDO: (subtitled) Adam Monroe? I saw that name.

(Ando digs into another box and pulls out an envelope. He hands it to Hiro.)

(Inside is a letter.)

HIRO: (subtitled) From November 2, 1977. It’s a signed order to lock up Adam Monroe. Signed by my father. This is it, Ando! I must go back to this day.

(Hiro puts the letter down and stands up.)

ANDO: (subtitled) But, Hiro. You said you would never again travel in time. That you wouldn’t risk changing history.

HIRO: (subtitled) The memo came from PRIMATECH RESEARCH in Hartsdale, New York. I must do this.

ANDO: Hiro.


ANDO: Hiro.

(Ando sighs.)

ANDO: (subtitled) (mutters) Not again.



NOVEMBER 2, 1977

(An alarm blares.)

(Hiro appears in the hallway.)

OVERHEAD PA: Containment breach in Bio-Research.

(Hiro ducks to the side and looks in through a window in a door.)

OVERHEAD PA: Evacuation protocol in full effect.

(He sees the guard bring Adam Monroe to a Young Kaito Nakamura.)

YOUNG KAITO: You have betrayed everything we stand for.

ADAM MONROE: No, Kaito, I tried to save the world.

YOUNG KAITO: By releasing a virus that could kill billons of innocent people?

ADAM MONROE: When you've been around as long as I have, the patterns become clear: constant war, disregard for the environment, famine. And it's only getting worse. Someone had to make the hard choice for the greater good.

YOUNG KAITO: Take him down to lockup. And throw away the key!

(The two guards take Adam away.)

(Young Kaito presses the number in the keypad and the alarms stop blaring. He walks into the research lab where Victoria Pratt is. He closes the door.)

(Hiro moves and stands outside the closed door.)

YOUNG KAITO: Are you all right, Victoria?

(Young Victoria holds a cloth to the cut on her cheek. She turns around and shows him the test tube.)

YOUNG VICTORIA PRATT: He was looking for strain 138. If he'd been successful, this place would've been ground zero for a global pandemic.

YOUNG KAITO: Thank you for saving us.

YOUNG VICTORIA PRATT: You need to shut down the program, Kaito.

YOUNG KAITO: Give it to me.

(She gives him the test tube.)

YOUNG KAITO: This will be taken to the Primatech facility in Odessa. With Adam locked away, it will be safe.

YOUNG VICTORIA PRATT: Look, with something that dangerous, there is no safe. That virus needs to be destroyed.

YOUNG KAITO: The other founders would never allow that.

YOUNG VICTORIA PRATT: Doesn't that concern you? Adam had help, Kaito. It's the only way he would have known what to look for.

YOUNG KAITO: I suggest you take a few days off before resuming your work.

VICTORIA PRATT: I won't be a part of this. Not anymore.

(She walks past him and leaves out the door.)

(Hiro closes his eyes and VANISHES.)



(Peter walks into the room. Victoria keeps the rifle on Peter’s back.)

VICTORIA PRATT: After Kaito and the others were killed, I figured that sooner or later someone would come after me.

(Peter sees the newspaper clippings on the table, "PETRELLI CONFESSED," "YAMAGATO C.E.O. DEAD.")

VICTORIA PRATT: You look like your mother.

PETER: I don't know anything about this. The last time I saw my mother was a year from now, in a future where the world had already been devastated by the Shanti virus.

VICTORIA PRATT: Forgive my paranoia, but I don't know you. I only knew your parents and what they were capable of.

PETER: There was a woman. Caitlin. She trusted me to protect her. Now ... somehow I took us into the future, and now I can't get back. So if you just tell me where to find the virus, I know that I can save her.

VICTORIA PRATT: You're looking for a mutated strain: 138. If it were ever released, it would kill us all.

(Peter nods.)



(Adam waits with the car when Peter returns.)

ADAM: She tell you where to find the virus?

PETER: Company storage facility in New Mexico.

ADAM: New Mexico? Company never had a facility—


(Adam is shot in the chest. The force of the blow sends him flying backward onto the car. He smashes the windshield.)

(Peter turns around and sees Victoria. She cocks the rifle.)

PETER: Wait, you don't understand.

VICTORIA PRATT: No, you're working with him now. That's all I need to know.

(She shoots Peter in the chest. She heads over to Adam. Adam stirs and looks at his chest wound, which is already healing very quickly.)

(Victoria stands over Adam.)

VICTORIA PRATT: I knew blowing your head off was the only way to be sure. (She cocks the rifle and points it at him.) Better late than never.

(Peter grabs the rifle from Victoria and knocks her out. She falls to the ground.)

(Adam gets to his feet.)

ADAM: Thanks, Peter. Let's get her up to the house.



(Alejandro sits in the room reading a printout of the NEW YORK CHRONICLE. There’s a photo of Sylar on the sheet. The door opens and Maya rushes in.)

MAYA: (excited) Alejandro!

(She sits on the bed and faces him.)

MAYA: (subtitled) I can control my power! On my own! It’s all thanks to Gabriel.

(Alejandro isn’t pleased.)

ALEJANDRO: (subtitled) What did Gabriel do?

MAYA: (subtitled) He showed me what I am capable of. Isn’t ... this wonderful news?

ALEJANDRO: Maya. (subtitled) I looked up Gabriel Gray on the computer in the office.

(He shows her the article, "Local Man Wanted in Mother’s Murder.")

ALEJANDRO: (subtitled) He is a murderer. The police say he killed his own mother. Maya.

(She looks at it.)

MAYA: (subtitled) I don’t believe it. It’s not true.

ALEJANDRO: (subtitled) We need to leave before ...

(Sylar walks into the room.)

SYLAR: Maya? Did you tell your brother the good news?

(Alejandro walks up to Sylar.)

ALEJANDRO: (subtitled) I know what you are!

(Sylar closes the door.)

SYLAR: Is something wrong?

(Maya is holding the printout.)

MAYA: This ... says ... This says you murdered your mother. But I know you didn't. You couldn't.

SYLAR: It's true. I did it. I killed her.

ALEJANDRO: (subtitled) He admits it?

SYLAR: (to Maya) When my mother found out what I could do, she didn't understand. She told me I was a monster. My own mother tried to kill me, Maya. And as I defended myself, there was an accident.

MAYA: I understand.

ALEJANDRO: (subtitled) What are you doing, Maya!? Get away from him. He’s a murderer!

MAYA: (subtitled) I am a murderer! Gabriel understands exactly what I’m going through – exactly how I feel.

ALEJANDRO: (subtitled) We’re leaving ... now!

(He grabs her and pulls her away from Sylar.)

MAYA: Alejandro, no! (subtitled) I’m staying with Gabriel. We will go see Doctor Suresh without you. I can control by own ability now.

ALEJANDRO: (subtitled) I am not leaving you alone – with him.

MAYA: (subtitled) I know you hate me. I killed the woman you loved.

ALEJANDRO: (subtitled) That wasn’t your fault.

MAYA: (subtitled) Yes it was. In my heart – I wanted her dead.

(Alejandro leaves the room. Maya turns and hugs Sylar. Sylar smiles and strokes her hair as she cries.)

SYLAR: Everything's gonna be okay, Maya. I'll take care of you.





(Adam ties Victoria’s hands behind the chair she sits on.)

PETER: Why did you lie to me, Victoria?

VICTORIA PRATT: You're with him. You're helping Adam release the virus.

(Peter puts the gun down.)

PETER: Release the virus? I'm trying to find the virus so I can destroy it.

VICTORIA PRATT: Thirty years ago, Adam broke into my lab. I stopped him from releasing the virus so he couldn't kill everyone. And now he's trying to do it again.

ADAM: I broke into the lab to prevent you and the Company from putting the world in danger.

VICTORIA PRATT: You killed Kaito, didn't you? And the others. And now it's my turn.

ADAM: We're trying save lives, Victoria, not take them.

VICTORIA PRATT: Adam's a killer. And I guess since you're helping him, you're one too. Just like your parents.

PETER: Adam helped me escape the Company. He saved my brother's life. But what you did, what you were a part of, that will bring an end to the world. Tell me where I can find the virus so I can stop it.


PETER: Where is it, Victoria?

VICTORIA PRATT: (v.o., thoughts) Primatech Paper, Odessa, Texas.

PETER: Texas.


ADAM: Thank you.

VICTORIA PRATT: I am not gonna let you do this!

(Adam unties her hands.)

VICTORIA PRATT: Get away from me!

ADAM: We're not hurting you. We're letting you go.

PETER: What are you doing?

(Victoria frees her hands, pushes Adam away from her and grabs her gun. She cocks the rifle and points it at Peter.)

PETER: Wait!

(Adam shoots Victoria in the back. She drops the rifle and falls to the floor dead.)

PETER: You didn't have to kill her.

ADAM: She was about to take your head off. There's no coming back from that one.

PETER: I'm gonna get the car.

(Peter leaves. Adam stands over Victoria’s body.)

ADAM: If anyone survives, I'll tell them ... I couldn't have done it without you.

(He takes her torn-out photo and puts the SYMBOL marking on her face in his own blood. He drops the photo, leaving it with the body.)



(Nana questions Damon, who is sporting a bloodied nose. Monica, Micah and Niki watch.)

NANA: Well?

DAMON: There was this kid on Third Street who said he can tell me how much your comics were worth. I figured if you knew how much we'd get, then maybe--

MICAH: Where are they? Where's my backpack?

DAMON: It was a setup. I got jacked --

(Micah pushes Damon down to the ground and punches him in the face.)

NIKI: Micah!

(Niki pulls Micah off Damon.)

NANA: Damon!

MICAH: My dad's medal was in that bag!

DAMON: I'm sorry! I'll get you a new one!

MICAH: You gonna get me a new dad, too?

DAMON: I'm sorry.

MICAH: I don't care! I hate you!

NANA: We're gonna get you all cleaned up. And then I'm gonna call the police, and you're gonna tell them everything that happened. Come on.

(Nana and Damon leave the room.)

MICAH: We need to get it back.

NIKI: Nana's calling the police.

MICAH: I'm not talking about the police. I'm talking about us. We could get it back.

NIKI: Micah. We have talked about this.

MICAH: We need to be heroes. Like Dad.

NIKI: Being a hero is what got your father killed. The medal's gone. I'm sorry.

(She hugs Micah.)

(Micah looks at Monica.)



(Sylar is shoving his things into his bag. There’s a knock at the door.) )

SYLAR: You all packed, Maya?

(He opens the door. Alejandro grabs Sylar and closes the door.)

ALEJANDRO: (subtitled) You’re not taking my sister with you.

SYLAR: I tried to let you go the easy way. But you had to be persistent.

ALEJANDRO: (in English) I'm taking my sister.

(Alejandro swings. Sylar traps his fist under his arm and the two men fight. Sylar pushes Alejandro to the floor. He grabs the knife on the bed and stabs Alejandro in the chest, over and over and over again.)

(There’s a knock at the door.)

(Sylar turns and looks at the door.)

MAYA: (through door) Gabriel.

(He turns and looks back at Alejandro.)


(Maya knocks on the door.)

MAYA: Gabriel!

(She knocks harder.)

(The door opens. Sylar steps out – shirtless and wet. He wipes his hair with a towel.)

SYLAR: Hey. I didn't hear you with the water running. Is everything okay?

MAYA: I have to talk to you.

SYLAR: Yeah?

MAYA: You were right--about everything. About me. About Alejandro.

SYLAR: I never meant to come between you two.

MAYA: He's my brother. I have to do what I can to protect him. In time, he will understand.

SYLAR: Of course he will.

MAYA: And without you, I would still be somewhere in Mexico.

SYLAR: I just want to help you.

MAYA: You have done that. And so much more.

(They kiss.)

(The sounds of CLOCKS TICKING get louder.)

(Through the open door, we see Alejandro dead on the floor in the room. Sylar reaches behind him and closes the door.)





(Claire takes pillows out of a box as she looks for something. West appears in the back.)

WEST: Your mom said you're leaving tonight.

(Claire stops and looks at him.)

CLAIRE: I've fallen twenty stories. Been stabbed in the head. Crashed a car at 70 miles an hour. I've even been on fire. But this hurts ... more than any of that. And it's not getting better. I've always gotten better no matter what, but this just keeps getting worse.

WEST: I can't stand to see you hurt like this.

(He puts his hands on her shoulders and kisses the top of her head.)

CLAIRE: I won't be. Not for long. (Claire digs through another box.) There's a man who used to work with my dad. He has the ability to erase people's memories.

(Claire finds the wind chimes.)

CLAIRE: These are a signal so that he knows to come. He can make me forget I ever had a father.

WEST: Are you gonna hang those in the window? How do you know he's gonna see them?

CLAIRE: I don't know, but I have to do something.

WEST: You don't want to forget your dad.

(She heads for the window.)

WEST: Forgetting isn't the answer.

CLAIRE: I just wish I could tell him how sorry I am.



(Micah lies in bed, but he’s not sleeping.)

(Monica walks in and wakes him up.)

MONICA: Micah.

MICAH: Why are you dressed like that?

MONICA: I know what it's like to lose someone you love. To wish that you had a piece of them, something solid to hold onto. Anybody tried to steal my mom's piano, I'd feed 'em their teeth.

(He chuckles.)

MONICA: Look. I know where those kids live--the ones who stole your backpack.

MICAH: You're gonna help me get back my dad's medal?

MONICA: Long as you stay out of the way. Anything crazy happens, I need you safe.

MICAH: Okay, I promise.

MONICA: Shh, we still gotta sneak you out. Come on.

(Micah gets out of bed.)



(Mohinder and Bob look at Claire’s blood under the microscope and on the monitor. The computer beeps.)

MOHINDER: It's as we'd hoped. Claire's blood has fortified my antibodies. They're strong enough to defeat the mutated virus now.

BOB: Congratulations, Doctor. You promised Niki Sanders you'd find a cure, and you have.

MOHINDER: And you promised me this company's viral research would end. In working up this cure, I've been pouring over records that reveal the full extent of your program.

BOB: And you of all people should understand what it would mean to find a safe way to remove the abilities of dangerous individuals.

MOHINDER: Here, strain 138. If even the smallest amount were released, it would wipe out all of human civilization.

BOB: This strain is locked safely away in our facility in Texas. And I can assure you, Doctor, this company is vigilant about security.

MOHINDER: Really? For weeks I operated as a spy within your ranks undetected. God knows what someone with experience and ill intent could achieve.

BOB: What can I do for you?

MOHINDER: Help me hunt down every strain of virus within this company and destroy them.



(Niki is in bed. Her phone rings. She answers it.)

NIKI: (to phone) Hello.



MOHINDER: (to phone) Niki? It's Mohinder Suresh. Are you still in New Orleans?

(She sits up.)

NIKI: (to phone) Yes.

MOHINDER: (to phone) I think I found the cure, Niki. I'll bring it to you on the next flight. You're nightmare's over.

NIKI: (filtered) I don't know what to say, Doctor. Thank you.

(The line disconnects. Mohinder looks at his phone.)

(Niki gets up to tell Micah the good news. She pushes his room door open --

NIKI: Micah.

-- and finds his bed empty.)



(Micah holds Monica’s cell phone as he checks the house. He gives her back the phone.)

MICAH: There's no one home. You should have plenty of time. You know how to get up there yet?

MONICA: Almost.

(On her company PDA, Monica watches a man jump up to the second floor.)

CLOSE-UP of Monica’s eyes as she absorbs the ability.

MONICA: Got it. I just wish it wasn't so bright. I don't want people thinking I'm robbing the place.

MICAH: Okay.

(Micah puts his hand on the lamppost next to him and the lights all along the street go out.)

MONICA: How did you do that?

MICAH: I told the lights I need them to be off for a while.

MONICA: You told 'em.

MICAH: Yeah.

(Monica looks at the house and puts her hood on. Micah stares at her.)


MICAH: You're St. Joan!

MONICA: You really have to stop reading those comic books. Stay here. I'll be right back.

(Monica starts across the street. She runs, then jumps over the wire fence. She climbs up to the second floor and jumps over the balcony railing.)


(She opens the door and turns on her flashlight. She finds Micah’s backpack and checks inside.)


(Outside, Micah gasps as the gang members return. A van and a truck pull up and park in front of the house. Loud hip-hop music plays.)


(Inside the house, Monica gasps. She can hear the hip-hop music and knows they’ve returned. The car doors slam shut. Monica grabs the comic books and the medal and hurries out.)


(Outside, the guys head inside.)


(The door opens.)

GANG MEMBER 1: Y'all put that gas in that van.

(They start up the stairs.)

GANG MEMBER 2: You figured out why they're paying us so much to torch all these buildings?

(They grab the gas containers.)

GANG MEMBER 1: Who cares? As long as he comes with that cash, we come with the matches.

(They walk RIGHT UNDER Monica, who is hiding up against the ceiling.)

(She drops a comic book and it falls right in front of them. They look up and see her. They point their guns at her.)


(The gang members drag Monica out of the house and head toward the van. She struggles against them until one of them punches her in the face and knocks her out.)

(They toss her in the back of the van and slam the doors shut.)

(Micah turns and runs.)





(Claire stands on the rock with the urn as waves crash against the shore. Sandra, Lyle and West stand in the back on the sand.)

CLAIRE: I'm sorry, Dad. I'm sorry I didn't listen. I should've done everything you told me to. If I hadn't been so selfish, you'd still be here.

(Claire opens the urn and empties out the ashes.)

CLAIRE: I love you, Dad.

(She turns and heads back to her mom. Sandra hugs her.)

SANDRA: You'd better say good-bye. We gotta be in Salt Lake by morning. Come on.

(Claire walks over to West.)

CLAIRE: This is all happening so fast. I'm losing everything I care about.

(She hugs him.)

(Claire turns and sees Elle sitting in a car nearby.)

(Elle is drinking her Slurpee when she turns and sees Claire looking at her. She takes out her car keys and fumbles to find the right one.)

(Claire wipes the tears from her face and runs over to Elle in the car.)

WEST: Claire!

(In the car, Elle has to reach over with her left hand to put the keys in the ignition while holding onto her Slurpee. She drops the Slurpee and the keys.)


(She looks at Claire arriving and she gets out of the car.)

CLAIRE: What the hell are you doing here?

(Elle slams the door shut.)

ELLE: I came to watch the sunset.


(Claire grabs Elle around her neck and pushes her back up against the car. West grabs Claire and pulls her off.)


ELLE: Watch who you're shoving, pompom.

WEST: Claire, don't.

CLAIRE: This isn't fair.

ELLE: (chuckles) Welcome to life.

SANDRA: Come on, Claire, we've gotta go.

CLAIRE: No, Mom, we don't. We can tell the world what they did. How they kidnapped me and murdered my father.

ELLE: You have no proof. No one would believe you.

CLAIRE: You're probably right. I guess I'm just gonna have to show 'em.

(Claire punches the car window and smashes it with her fist.)


(She holds her bloodied fist up to Elle’s face.)

CLAIRE: I'll show everyone exactly what I can do.

(Claire’s fist heals, the glass pops out and blood vanishes.)

CLAIRE: Once the secret's out, you won't be able to touch me or my family. You'll be the ones running.



(Mohinder is riding in the back of a taxicab. He digs into his bag and takes out a box with two vials of Claire’s blood and a needle.)

(His cell phone rings. He answers it.)

MOHINDER: (to phone) Hello.

SYLAR: (filtered) Hello, Mohinder.

MOHINDER: (to phone) Sylar?



MOHINDER: (filtered) Where are you?

SYLAR: (to phone) I convinced the babysitter to take the night off. Don't worry. I'm taking good care of the little one.

(Sylar brushes Molly’s hair away from her face as she sleeps.)

MOHINDER: (to phone) If you touch Molly --

SYLAR: Shh ... shh ... shh ... shh. We won't want to wake her. I brought someone to see you. She needs your help.

(He stands up and goes to Maya, who is smiling at him.)

SYLAR: We both do. See you soon, Mohinder.

(Sylar hangs up.)

(Mohinder hangs up, scared.)



(Ando is sleeping at his desk.)


(Hiro shakes Ando’s shoulder.)

HIRO: (subtitled) Ando wake up.

(Ando wakes up.)

ANDO: (subtitled) Hiro! You’re back!

HIRO: (subtitled) I know what Adam wants!

ANDO: Eh? (subtitled) What is it?

HIRO: (subtitled) A virus. At a place called Primatech. It’s in Texas, Ando! Back in Odessa!

ANDO: (subtitled) Where we tried to save the cheerleader?

HIRO: (subtitled) Yes! Adam wants to release this virus! If I don’t stop him, they’ll die!

ANDO: (subtitled) Who?

HIRO: (subtitled) Everyone!

ANDO: (subtitled) But Adam is invincible. How can you stop a man like that?

(Hiro turns and looks at Takezo Kensei’s sword.)

HIRO: (subtitled) I must try.

(Hiro grabs the sword.)

HIRO: (subtitled) I must avenge my father’s death ... and save the world.

(And Hiro vanishes.)

ANDO: (subtitled) Why is saving the world always your responsibility?




(The place is busy. Adam and Peter walk in.)

PETER: This doesn't look like the sort of place where they'd store a virus that could destroy the world.

ADAM: Paper Company's just a front. The good stuff is three floors down: laboratories, jail cells --

(TIME STOPS. Peter looks around. He turns around and finds Hiro.)

PETER: Hiro?

HIRO: Peter Petrelli?

PETER: What are you doing here?

HIRO: Adam Monroe killed my father, and for that he must pay.

PETER: I can't let you do that.

HIRO: Then you have chosen the wrong side.

(Hiro draws his sword.)


(Peter holds his hand out, a blue charge of electricity powered up in his palm.)

PETER: I can't let you hurt him.

(With a loud cry, Hiro runs toward Peter. He raises his sword, ready to strike. We zoom in on the SYMBOL on the hilt of the sword, and we --